TABATA exercises for weight loss: the Protocol complex for beginners

Wish to comprehensively heal your body, but don’t know how to do it? Want to lose weight, but diets don’t help? The component that you are missing is TABATA exercises for weight loss. Simple physical activities would multiply the effectiveness of the diet. Workout, consuming no more than 5 minutes a day will accelerate the fat burning process in 5-6 times! Sounds like fiction, but it’s real! Learn how to follow this technique, and can quickly achieve their ideal of beauty.

What is the system TABATA

The emergence of the technique TABATA turned the attitude to losing weight. The system allows you to drop 3-4 pounds in a week, giving training for only 4 minutes per day. This complex intense exercise for weight loss was developed by a Japanese doctor named Izumi TABATA and specialists from national research Institute of fitness and sport (Tokyo). Innovative discoveries, the study of which was completed in 1996, were published in many internationally renowned journals. News of the emergence of new methods of fight against excess weight spread around the world within a few days.

The essence of the TABATA system is as follows: for 4 minutes, the person alternates between intense workout and rest. The first 20 seconds you need to perform exercises at maximum pace, then 10-second break. This cycle (set) is repeated 8 times. After a workout in the body start the process of fat-burning, which lasts about 24 hours. Each lesson is a set of exercises designed to involve more muscle groups. With 4 minutes a day, you’ll be able to lose weight within weeks without dieting and pills.

Benefits of TABATA workouts

Every workout system TABATA gives an intense load on the main muscle groups. For those who long time was engaged in sports, it is recommended to start with exercises of average complexity, to give your body a chance to adjust. Provided a systematic approach technique TABATA will provide many positive effects, including:

  • strengthening of the cardiovascular system;
  • increase muscle tone;
  • acceleration of fat burning process;
  • improvement of the metabolism;
  • normalization is a process of assimilation of proteins of muscle tissue;
  • strengthening of the joints.

In just 4 minutes a day exercises TABATA will start in the body important processes that improve overall health, strengthen muscles and get rid of extra calories. To achieve a comprehensive effect how often change workout program. Exercises should be varied so that all muscle groups participated in equally.

TABATA exercises for weight loss

Moving from words to deeds, let’s look at an example training Protocol. It will include the following exercises:

  1. The first set. Standing up straight, straighten the back, strongly tighten the abdominal muscles, spread your feet the width of 12-15 cm within 20 seconds, perform a deep squat leaving raised at chest level with your hands. This should be done as quickly as possible. The results need to be written to make it easy to monitor progress.
  2. The second set. After resting 10 seconds after the first exercise, sit on the floor, then quickly jump out, pulling his hands up. After landing on the floor, squat down and jump out again.
  3. In the third set. Standing in the plank position (back straight, arms bent at the elbows parallel to the floor), alternately raise your knees to your chest.
  4. Fourth set. Lying on your back, do crunches – try to reach the knee of the left leg to the elbow of the right hand and Vice versa.

The second half of the workout must be repeated the first 4 sets. Only in this case the muscles will gain enough load. So during training there is a hitch, pre-record the order of the exercises on a piece of paper and position it so you can see. In addition, there should be a special timer.

For beginners

If you are just beginning to engage in TABATA, be sure to stretch occasionally before each workout, otherwise, intensive exercise can harm the body. In addition, experts recommend at first to use simple exercises. Write them down for yourself to know what should be my initial steps:

  • push-UPS (if at first will not be able to correctly perform the exercise, kneel);
  • squats (bottom position – thighs parallel to the floor, the position of the upper – level stand with their hands up);
  • lunges legs in the standing position (knees bent);
  • crunches with bent knees (lying on your back, try to reach the knee of the left leg to the elbow of the right hand and Vice versa).

For women

The beauty of the female body requires a specific approach. The TABATA method is equally well helps to stay in shape all without exception, it is only necessary to draw up a training program. Girls and women experts recommend to focus on such exercises as:

  • twisting with a load on a press (lying on back);
  • jumping on the spot with high knees;
  • running in place with the entanglement of legs ago;
  • push-UPS;
  • deep squats.

Video: exercises for the TABATA system


Valentina, 36 years: Two months ago, the money was hard. So I stopped going to the gym. Decided to look for an alternative. Digging on the Internet, found an article about Japanese TABATA exercises for weight loss. All carefully studied and realized that you can try, anyway, no risk. After a month I looked better than ever, exercising at the fitness centre. It has now become even better!

Daria, 24 years: because Of hormonal preparations has put on some weight. My appearance was just disgusting, because before that I wasn’t slender. A friend advised me of the Japanese weight loss program. Desperate to lose weight by dieting, I decided to try. The first lesson was a tough test, but I passed. Every next workout TABATA was given easier and the week I lost 3 kg. for 7 days, and minus 3 kg!

Zoe, 38 years: Recently heard about TABATA exercises for weight loss. Long believed, but having studied a decent amount of information, I realized that it could work. Started to do the exercises 2 times a day. A week increased the number of workouts to three. It’s only been a month and I have lost 7 lbs. would Never thought that was possible, but now the result is obvious and not argue. A huge thanks to Japanese researchers!

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