Water aerobics for weight loss: the benefits and effectiveness of exercise

Much controversy exists among experts concerning effective methods of weight loss. The doubt that water aerobics for weight loss will be a great way to lose weight no, because the results are felt after 3-4 sessions. Additional benefits include the absence of discomfort perform water exercises, energizing and improves mood music. Lightness and vivacity of the body persists for a long time.

The effectiveness of exercise in the pool for weight loss

The pool is the water environment which is useful for those wishing to lose weight. In contrast to the usual hall where the environment is air, the laws of physics: different densities of two media leads to resistance to different body parts during movement. Pool exercises for weight loss based on dynamic execution of movements that are performed in water with a heavier workload. The ease of execution of the elements and the properties of water to relieve fatigue increase the effectiveness of the exercises.

The benefits of water aerobics for weight loss

The physiological basis of weight loss through aerobics, accelerate the blood circulation, supplying oxygen to the body at high rates. Not every physically healthy person can handle a typical load. Moving exercises in the water, experts (trainers) have considerably broadened the range of people wanting to lose weight this way. The benefits of water aerobics for the figure:

  • tightening muscles;
  • fat burning subcutaneous layer;
  • support the overall tone.

The beauty of exercises for weight loss in water that the whole process is without pain. Fat is burned not only inside the body, but also on the skin. The flow of water, creating a massage effect that promotes lymph movement layer and removes excess fluid. Water aerobics for weight loss – prevention of otpisani and stretch marks. To assess whether the pool helps to lose weight, with regular visits to you in 3-4 classes.

Water aerobics is beneficial not only for people wanting to lose weight. To her resorted pregnant: active sports can be harmful due to growing loads, and exercises in the pool to save from fatigue and stress, allow for active movement. Doctors recommend such classes to the elderly, especially those who have diseases of the cardiovascular system. Water aerobics classes are suitable for people who is ashamed of their weight and body, as it the flaws are hidden under the water.

The most effective exercises fitness

Stages Aqua fitness training:

  • warm-up;
  • basic exercises;
  • the final part of stretch and relaxation.

The effect of water aerobics for weight loss achieved then. when the lesson is thought out and tailored to the level of training people. So, suitable for beginners without weights and additional equipment, and advanced athletes-losing weight is used in the classroom dumbbells, belt, noodle, gloves and other equipment. If we talk about the best exercises, they vary depending on the area of impact:

  1. For influence on muscle belly/hips. You must sit on the floor of the pool to keep the water covered her chest, hands to focus back, to make leg swings (10-fold) up-down, cross.
  2. 10 minutes to perform the Jogging with high knees, working actively with hands, as in normal running. This press strengthens, corrects the shape of the legs.
  3. To shape the waist will help turns (left/right) and tilt (forward/back) tightly pressed with the hands at solar plexus. Make 5-15 times.

The rhythm and speed of execution will allow you to burn up to 700 calories in one session. The result can not be achieved if the Aqua will be the only area of work over weight. Water exercises for the abs, arms, legs, back should be used holistically with proper nutrition, then there will be noticeable benefits of water aerobics for the figure.

Exercise in water for weight loss


Albina, 36 years: Yes, water aerobics helped me to get rid of cellulite. I could not solve this problem, and have used ointments, creams, and spent a lot of money. In the pool he was engaged with pleasure, younger, and then even got married for the second time!

Faith, 56 years: I am a very active person, and with age, increasingly difficult to move. Water aerobics have given me the opportunity to safely engage in sports and nurture beloved grandchildren. I’m happy!

Nikolay, 24 years: it is believed that only women go to Aqua, but it’s not. I attend classes to relax, to get energy, and muscle pump up in the gym. Water aerobics is irreplaceable, it is soft but effective.

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