Buckwheat with yogurt for weight loss in the morning: recipe

Why not come up with women to throw off those extra pounds, preferably without any physical activity. The most popular way is diet. From products reducing weight, the particular hope lay on buckwheat, kefir, apples, ginger, pineapple, and even better at all in the complex. Buckwheat with yogurt for weight loss used more often. What are the benefits and harms of such a set of products, the effect on subcutaneous fat? How the body receives these «gifts»?

The benefits and harms of buckwheat with yogurt

In Europe, such as Germany, buckwheat is not in demand: there you will be able only in Russian shops. In Russia this cereal is put on a pedestal. It is believed that the miracle product’s nutrient content, it ranks second after maize: the vitamins and minerals included in the composition stimulate the brain, improve immunity and remove toxins. Buckwheat is indicated for hypertension, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

From buckwheat lose weight or get fat? Will cook porridge «from the axe», adding butter, salt and sugar – definitely will be fine. Without all these «fertilizers» is a dietary dish. With a relatively small amount of carbohydrate it contains a lot of fiber and protein, polyunsaturated fats help to balance the body’s metabolic processes. Lose weight with buckwheat, adding kefir, even easier. This natural probiotic containing the beneficial bacteria that is good for the bowels and increases the secretion of gastric juice.

In addition, the composition of fermented milk products include calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins a and D which make your skin beautiful, improve eyesight, strengthen bones, cartilage, increases the protective properties of the organism, due to light exposure diuretic relieve swelling. So if each of the products is so good by itself, imagine how useful they are together.

Buckwheat-kefir diet will normalize functioning of all organs. Describing the mechanism of action of these products, nutritionists explain: first, the grass removes from the walls of the bowel of accumulated toxins, then a fermented milk product, like a broom, «sweeps» them out. With all these praises of the products, keep in mind that cleansing the body buckwheat with yogurt can be dangerous.

Hepatitis, pancreatitis raw buckwheat (not kasha!) aggressive acts on the intestinal wall, aggravating the condition of damaged organs. So in the digestive diseases such a diet is contraindicated. You cannot use the buckwheat with yogurt for weight loss during pregnancy, lactation, low blood pressure and anemia. With great caution migraines, varicose veins and thrombosis.

How to diet on buckwheat with yogurt

Buckwheat with yogurt good for weight loss in any recipe. To lose weight, you can only have Breakfast with them seven days. Doctor approval, replace this drug and other meals. Designed such a diet for a week or two. Repeat this extreme way of cleansing the body as often as three times a year. And generally forget about it at the time of aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to cook buckwheat for weight loss

Buckwheat porridge will help you lose weight, but make it faster, eating dry cereal. You can cook in different ways:

1 way. Wash 1 tbsp. of buckwheat, drain and fry a few minutes on low heat. Put in a pot, pour 1,5 glasses of boiled water, close lid, wrap a towel and leave overnight, to allow for soaked. With the emergence of feelings of hunger, mix 1 tbsp. sour milk beverage 2 tbsp of buckwheat and drink.

2 way. The evening pour 3 tbsp pure cereals with a glass of 1% kefir. Close the lid and put in the fridge. Buckwheat drenched in buttermilk overnight is a great Breakfast when you are fasting days.

3 method. Buckwheat-Lite. Miss clean and dried barley through a meat grinder, or better yet grind in a coffee grinder. 2 tbsp of powder mix with a glass of 1% kefir and leave in the fridge overnight.

How to use

Apply this drug in different ways. First, it can be drunk each morning on an empty stomach. Secondly, with bottom discharge replace this dish for every meal (break between meals – 2 hours). In addition, procurement is a separate dish (volume of 200-300 ml portions), so if you want to replace one meal even without any diets.

How can you lose weight

For one or two weeks (more is not allowed) buckwheat-kefir diet allows you to lose up to 12 kg in the case when in addition to these two products you have nothing to eat, except liquids (water, mineral water and green tea can be drunk without restrictions). Of course, it all depends on the source data: with five extra pounds you at all desire will not take off nine. For handling day missed to a maximum of 3 kg. Buckwheat with kefir in the morning will help to lose up to 4 kg of weight.

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Feedback on the results of kefir-buckwheat diet

Svetlana, 40 years: Yes, a lot of useful buckwheat with kefir and weight loss, removal of toxins, normalization of stool. Even when antibiotics are used to restore the microflora.

Love, 18 years old: for some reason failed to lose weight. In the early days lost 1 kg, and then the process stalled. And on the second day sick from this buckwheat.

Marina, 38: not sick, diversify the dish with turmeric, cinnamon, dill, parsley. Buckwheat is kefir diet, cooked for Breakfast, maybe Dobritsa dried apricots, prunes, dried fruit and even honey. I have a few people from work so have lost weight.

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