How to choose a mink coat when buying and to distinguish a fake: tips

What fundamental changes occur in the fashion industry, mink fur is always the benchmark of femininity and affluence. To ensure that the product could have been worn for many years, you need to know how to choose a mink coat. Quality mink is not afraid of rain, she for a long time does not lose the original appeal.

Tips on how to choose a mink fur coat

The fur of this animal is highly valued, the products always remain popular and are not cheap, so the manufacturers often save on sewing or even offer inauthentic goods. Unfortunately with the development of modern technology has increased the probability of finding a fake even in proven retail locations. Not to fall for scams, read the advice of experts, how to choose a mink coat.

On what nuances you need to pay attention:

  • High quality products will be repaid with interest. Good furs will be worn for more than 10 years without losing the original appeal.
  • Available financial products made mink fur brown. The darker the tone, the more expensive mink.
  • Average price sold fur of red, blue and gray tint.
  • In the high price category includes products made of unpainted white fur.
  • Elite is considered valuable and mink black with shimmer color, feels like velvet.
  • High price does not always speaks about quality. Perhaps this Mall is just high mark-up. When buying, look not only on cost but also on the quality of the product.

How determine quality mink coat

Carefully inspect the coat, feel the fur, check for pad to assess the quality of membrane (reverse side skins). It is better not to choose on the market and in specialty store. In this case, the chance to run into a fake is minimal. Keep in mind that made in our country of good fur, but the European manufacturers pay more attention to the quality of the material and tailoring.

How to choose a quality fur coat:

  • Run your hand against the direction of fibers, good mink fur quickly take its original position.
  • At the age indicated by a dark skin and dull fur, and unevenness of color.
  • After contact with fur product on hand should not be left hairs and fluff.
  • The fewer seams on the wrong side, the longer buy.
  • RUB the dyed fur is bright handkerchief, the fabric surface should remain clean.
  • A quality fur should be thick, with good undercoat.
  • Ask the seller a certificate. Marking it on the label must match.
  • Qualitative scrapings of soft, elastic, without cracks, with pressure doesn’t make squeaking sounds.

How to distinguish a mink coat from a fake

Under the guise of a mink sell products of other fur-bearing animals. To determine the authenticity of skins, look at the bristles. They should all be the same length. Mink is often replaced by a Groundhog or rabbit, in which the pile is shorter. Rabbit soft to the touch, and marmot is slightly barbed, while the hairs of the mink hard and springy, after bending quickly accept the initial form.

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