The dough for homemade dumplings on water: step by step recipe

To make dumplings, cooked at home, turned out delicious and beautiful, you need to know the culinary secrets cooking not only meat, but the test. All will start with the right recipe, of which there are many. The dough for homemade dumplings can be cooked in various ways. Each of them is original, has its own list of necessary ingredients. Discover new dough recipes for homemade ravioli, having tried each on their own. Make sure that you know how to cook good dumplings’t difficult, but interesting.

Features cooking dumpling dough at home

How to make dough for dumplings, to meet the basic requirements? The only General prerequisite: must be tender, soft, elastic, good to keep the stuffing without revealing molded edges. The best dough for dumplings, which is easily rolled, not stick to your hands or the table. Not tearing the thinner the rolled out sheet, the higher the class wizard. You need to feel when to stop kneading and start sculpting. Deciding to experiment, traditional wheat flour substitute rice for the filling of fish meat. Any recipe will not leave you indifferent.

Step-by-step recipes for delicious dough for dumplings

There are recipes dumplings Foundation that will never fail, hostesses transmitted from generation to generation. Such a shell will not stick to the pan and not «lose» the filling. Modernity makes its own adjustments, changing the list of necessary ingredients and the method of kneading. Explore different options as the dough into dumplings that were thin and flexible. The proposed recipes of varying difficulty.

The classic recipe without eggs and milk on the water

This recipe is useful when you don’t have all the necessary products.


  • wheat flour – 2 cups;
  • water – 100 ml;
  • salt – half a teaspoon.

Preparation of unleavened dough with added water, without milk and eggs:

  1. In a deep Cup or other convenient receptacle to pour the flour mixed with salt. In the middle to make a recess in the form of a hole.
  2. Very cold water is made to pour in the recess.
  3. Start kneading from the centre with a spoon. Gradually move to the edges.
  4. After homogeneous mixing of flour with water, put on the table, previously sprinkled with a bit of flour.
  5. Next you need to knead with hands if necessary, adding a little flour not to stick, became resilient.
  6. When the mass becomes homogeneous, put it in the fridge for about half an hour.
  7. After that, fresh the Foundation is fully ready to be rolled and portioned slices sculpted dumplings.
  8. Serve the finished dish hot with sour cream or butter.

How to make kefir, to not dissolve


  • kefir 1% fat – Cup (250 ml);
  • wheat flour – 350-450 g.

Preparing dumpling dough on kefir:

  1. Comfortable in a deep capacity pour the entire amount of buttermilk and half the flour.
  2. Stir with a spoon until smooth.
  3. The rest of the flour add, when you start kneading with your hands.
  4. To the resulting dough was soft, but not torn, put it on an hour in a cold place. Only upon expiry of the period proceed to modeling.
  5. To do this roll a lot on the table as thin as possible. Don’t forget to powder the table with flour. With a glass cut out circles in the middle of which lay stuffing.
  6. Gently soleplate the edges, densely pressing them with your fingers.
  7. Trimming again roll out into a thin layer.

Choux pastry with egg milk

This recipe requires a special skill and a little more time than everyone else.


  • water – 250 ml;
  • the average fat content of milk – 250 ml;
  • flour TM «Makfa» is the highest grade – 750-800 g;
  • egg – 2 PCs.;
  • salt – a teaspoon without top.

Cooking choux dough for ravioli:

  1. Heat milk to a warm state. In a bowl mix with half the norm of flour.
  2. Add the eggs, salt. The resulting mass should be liquid, as for pancakes.
  3. Heat the resulting mixture on low heat, constantly stirring carefully.
  4. The process continue until, until the mixture becomes like a pudding. Make sure that during the heating does not burn.
  5. Removing heated, pour the remaining flour and spoon (weight hot) stir until all the lumps disappear.
  6. Once cooled, knead with your hands.
  7. Let rest – cover with a towel and leave on the table for half an hour.
  8. Lush then the dough is ready to be used for molding dumplings.

How to mix the mineral water in the bread maker


  • egg – 1 PC.;
  • dining mineral water without gas – 1 full glass (190 ml);
  • salt – half teaspoon;
  • wheat flour is 470-480 g.

Preparation of the dough using bread machine:

  1. Water, salt, egg connect, beat well until smooth. Pour into breadmaker container.
  2. Top fluid pour the flour and switch the mode to match the «batch». For each model the name of the function may differ.
  3. When using a bread machine the mass is well mixed, put the dough on the table, roll out into thin sheet, from which blanks to form the dumplings.
  4. This recipe is convenient for harvesting large number of semi-finished products that can be frozen for future use.

How to make boiling water with vegetable oil


  • egg – 3 PCs.;
  • water – half a liter;
  • oil refined – 100 ml;
  • sifted flour – 8 cups;
  • salt – a teaspoon.

Preparation of the dough in the boiling water with vegetable oil:

  1. A little more than two cups of flour pour into a deep bowl.
  2. Water, about Cup, bring to boil, pour a thin stream in the flour, be sure to stir with a spoon.
  3. Having obtained a homogeneous mass, which is slightly cooled, add remaining ingredients.
  4. Mix it well, put the resulting dough to make delicious homemade ravioli in a plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap. Leave it for an hour at average room temperature. Such a billet can be stored in the refrigerator up to several days, which is very practical for the busy housewife.
  5. The dough for this recipe is very plastic, may be formed in the form of sausages and cut in portions. Palms flatten individual ball, put the filling and close up.
  6. Boiled dumplings serve with fresh sour cream

Video: how to make homemade dough for ravioli

A good example of how to prepare the dough for dumplings in the water, you will be able to find in the offered tutorials. Detailed instructions with ingredients, methods of combining products, methods of mixing, are very useful to novice cooks or those who are not at risk to prepare homemade dumplings in connection with the fear that the shell may fall apart when cooking. Master classes by famous chefs and Housewives tips, recommendations for the preparation of tasty hot beloved dish.

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