Which mattress is better

The night’s sleep affects the well being and performance. Complete rest will provide a comfortable bed with a comfortable mattress. To choose the best mattress, you should ask the seller: «What is inside a mattress?»

Какой матрас лучше

Which mattress to choose

Stores offer mattresses of different sizes, with different fillings and in this abundance it is not easy to navigate. How to choose a good mattress? The quality depends on the density, ability to withstand heavy loads. It is possible to distinguish two types of mattresses: spring and springless:

— with latex;


— foam;

— coconut;

— foam filler.

Orthopedic mattress springless

Broad consumer demand have double mattresses of foam rubber or polyurethane foam. If you prefer a hard bed, note pillow-top mattresses with foam filler. They are light and durable, with hard marodalieva surface. The strength depends on the thickness of the layer of filler, it is 5-15 cm High quality mattress has a density of 2.25 kg/30 cm3.

Mattresses made of natural latex, resistant to dust mites, antimicrobial action. Natural latex is of two types: Dunlop – thick and heavy and light Talalay latex – soft and floating. Mattresses which are more suited for children’s beds. Synthetic latex properties comparable to natural, but is much cheaper. Glassware easily rolled up and easy to transport, but today it is not the best choice.

It is not recommended to take for the wide beds springless mattress filled with coconut latecoming – withstand only the weight of 90-100 kg, when a large load is rapidly depreciating. There is a compromise – bilateral springless orthopedic mattresses with different hardness of the parties.

Spring mattresses

If you are used to sleeping on a soft mattress, hard surface discomfort, then the best choice will be the spring mattress system «Bonel», when the springs are connected by ribs. Its quality depends on the number of springs per unit area. The surface is springy, when pressed in one spring throughout the mattress are waves. Downside – the springs weaken rapidly, the surface is pressed, it turns a kind of hammock. Sleep sinking into the center of the bed, and if sleep two, you will agree, the convenience of this little. So products with a dependent spring system more suitable for the «odnosili» or short-term use.

A mattress with a «filling» of independent spring units are practical and comfortable. Each spring is enclosed in a pocket from the spunbond and operates autonomously. The spring, being compressed, distribute the load evenly over the entire surface and provide the correct support for the spine. Is this product for a long time, even after many years of operation does not appear pressure. Its high price is justified.

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