What documents do I need to get on the waiting list in kindergarten?

According to Russian law, the enrollment of the child in preschool educational institution is a municipal service provided by the local authorities. In accordance with 210 Federal law from July 27, 2010, in all regions and districts of our vast country developed regulations on the delivery of municipal services, which clearly spelled out all the actions of the applicant, as well as information about what documents are needed to get on the waiting list in a kindergarten. In addition, in many regions created a unified electronic system of statement on turn in a kindergarten, so that every parent (legal representative) may, without leaving home, apply for registration of the place in the queue.

But given the imperfection of our legislation, to enrol their child in kindergarten it is best to contact the head of the kindergarten. This can make parents or legal guardians of preschool children (from two months up to the moment of mastering the educational program of preschool education), which, according to the Federal law «On education in the Russian Federation» have the right to receive free preschool education.

What documents to turn in kindergarten need to submit to the head of the preschool educational organization? As a rule, the list of documents must be specified in the regulations of the municipal service, under which runs a preschool. At submission of documents the applicant is entitled to review it.

For setting on the child will need to complete the application form, and consent to the processing of personal data. Examples of applications the applicant must provide in-school educational institution. The statement must specify the date of birth of the child, his actual place of residence, and date of kindergarten child. In addition, for the identity of the applicant will need to provide the passport with a residence permit on the territory of the region and the birth certificate of the child.

What documents do I need to get on the waiting list in kindergarten, now I understand. It remains to deal with what is required to enroll the child in preschool institution. If the applicant belongs to the category of citizens whom it serves urgent or extraordinary nature, to the package of documents you need to attach documents for kindergarten on benefits. So, out of turn shall be credited to the children of prosecutors, judges, employees of the Investigative Department of the Russian Federation and of citizens exposed to radiation (Chernobyl).

First of all, as a rule, admit children of military personnel, police officers and bodies of the penal correction system. Children with parents – invalids I and II groups, orphans and children from large families also have the right to priority enrollment to kindergarten. The list of privileged categories can vary depending on the regions of our country. Submitting documents for registration of a queue in a kindergarten, parents receive a special notification on statement of the child on the account. The notification shall state the number of the queue through which you can track the status of Chad in a single electronic system.

When enrolling your child to the kindergarten Director issued an order and notified the legal representatives. Typically, the process of enrolment takes place in may, for completing kindergarten by law commencing on 1 September of each calendar year. The kit has already filed documents with the attached medical report from a healthcare organization, the passport of one of parents, copy of birth certificate of the child and of the certificate of registration of the child’s place of residence, and a statement of the parent.

In addition, the Complainant may submit documents confirming the belonging to the beneficiaries. If the child belongs to the category of children with disabilities, it is necessary also to provide a conclusion of psychological-medical-pedagogical Commission. Note that, according to the law on education, children with disabilities are entitled to two free meals.

And remember that nobody has the right to request additional documents not specified in the regulations. If the Agency head requires a «fictional» help, contact to the higher authorities in the education Department, the district administration or the Prosecutor’s office.

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