What distinguishes the PS3 from PS4?

The gaming industry in recent years has made a huge step forward, after a long bumpy ride. Thanks to the development of computational technologies and rapid growth performance chips, developers had the opportunity a hundred times to improve the graphical component of video games, but innovation in the gaming world in the form of contactless touch controllers a La Kinect and even brought the genre of video games to a new level. The eternal struggle of PCs and game consoles for the attention of gamers continues to this day, from year to year Microsoft and Sony will present new versions of the consoles. So, the latest generation of PlayStation from Sony has done a lot of noise in the gaming world. The Quartet, unlike many other game consoles, thanks to high-quality and powerful hardware produces stunning graphics, but, alas, not compatible with previous generations of PlayStation. What distinguishes the PS3 from PS4?

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PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console by Sony, released almost 10 years ago. By the prefix the user has the possibility to listen to music, watch movies, as media, or via the Internet and surf using the browser Global web sites. The technical characteristics of consoles obsolete, but the number of games released for it, the PS3 has no equal. On sale a few years later, a version of «Slim», featuring a compact size and significantly less weight.


PlayStation 4 (PS4) is the latest generation of game console that represents the pinnacle of engineering of developers from Sony. Powerful hardware, unique games and opportunities allow the Quartet to compete with the Xbox One and Wii equally, and in some respects to be even better. PS4 console launch in February 2013, the publication of the fifth generation consoles (Sony PlayStation 5) not yet known.


The difference between PS3 and PS4 in «iron» component of the console

In the third generation console from Sony established a joint venture between three companies – the Cell Broadband Engine processor. Worked on by engineers from Sony, IBM and Toshiba. Single-core processor with eight processing flows operates at a frequency of 3.2 gigahertz. As the GPU in the Troika used RSX graphics processor with 256 MB of RAM running at a base frequency of 400 MHz (overclock to 550 MHz).

As for the PS4, then under cover of this «babe» is a 64-bit AMD Jaguar eight cores running at a base frequency of 1.64 GHz, but can overclock to 2.75 GHz. Coupled with an AMD Radeon GPU, the console gives stunning graphics and allows you to display 3D games in Full HD and game in 4K resolution. The graphics subsystem of the «Troika» gives only 400 GFlops, while the GPU of the PS4 boasts a capacity of two teraflops.

In terms of memory, the Quartet is also ahead of its predecessor, increasing the amount of RAM is 32 times. So, set the PS3 256 MB XDR DRAM, while the PS4 is already 8 GB of RAM standard GDDR5 last. As you can see, the difference with the PS3 from the PS4 in terms of hardware is tremendous. The company has made a huge step forward by releasing this «game monster» to market consoles. According to the developers, the PS4 faster than the PS3 in nine times.

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Despite the fact that the PS3 will soon break the top ten, the developers of the future was equipped with a large number of different interfaces. So, in the body of the console, you can find 4 USB ports standard 2.0 (new versions only 2 USB), Gigabit Ethernet, and wireless standards Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g).

The PS4 console is equipped with three ports USB 3.0 and HDMI, and Bluetooth version updated to 2.1. In addition, the console has a new Wi-Fi standard (802.11 b/g/n), support of 7.1 audio vs 5.1 in the PS3, as well as a 3.5 mm mini Jack. In terms of dimensions, the fourth generation is almost two times lighter than the first PS3 release: 2.8 kg vs. 5 kg. However, the latest version of PS3 not weigh more than 2.5 kg. in addition, the PS4 console is noticeably thinner than its predecessor.

In addition to the fourth generation console was established a new joystick DualShock 4 with special «chips» in the form of a touch panel and built-in gyroscope and accelerometer.

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What is the difference between PS3 and PS4, in addition to hardware and design? Perhaps the biggest negative difference between the «Troika» from the «Quartet» is that PS4 does not support games from previous generations of consoles. Alas, a game of good old Tekken with PlayStation 2 or Uncharted with the PS3 will not work. But the gaming industry in the face of developers quickly occupied the vacant niche, and in a few years of cpfs4 was released a lot of exclusives.

The maximum amount of hard disk PS3 in recent versions was 500 GB, although originally produced a version with a native capacity up to 80 GB. PlayStation 4 developers from Sony allowed gamers to change their own hard drive, and also began selling a version of consoles with HDD under 1 TB. Besides the PSU that the PS3 was hanging on the cable, moved into the body of the Quartet.

«Mobilizing the Internet» has allowed gamers using a smartphone to purchase the game for PS4, as well as to publish their game achievements on social networks. The opportunity to continue the game on the PSP Vita and powerful video editor on the latest generation console was introduced a year later after leaving her in the light. Alas, the PS3 couldn’t say. And the main advantage of the Quartet lies in the fact that Sony has removed restrictions on regions. Now the game that was released for the us region, can play anyone, whether he is Russian or Chinese.

to content ↑Comparative table

Sony PS3
Sony PS4

8-Cell flow processor, 3.2 GHz
8-core Jaguar AMD, 2 GHz

RAM 256 MB, GDDR3 standard
Memory 8 GB standard GDDR5

Graphics RSX, 256 MB, 400 GFlops
Graphics AMD Radeon GPU, 2 TFlops

DualShock 3
The DualShock 4 controller with accelerometer, touchpad and gyro

Compatibility with games of previous generations
Compact size and less weight

Video comparing the two consoles from Sony below:

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