What is the difference between free sites from paid?

Boom sites built on free designers, came at the end of the first decade of the current century. The once popular uCoz and h2m at the present time have declined, and the best Builder of wap-sites «Wen.ru» and were shut down. All because of a lack of wanting to create sites on free platforms. Projects based on the sub-domains free site Builder, sank into Oblivion. More and more people prefer sites that are created in a fully functional content management systems, which, in turn, are placed on a paid hosting and second-level domains. After all, almost every popular CMS (content management system) there are many plugins that extend its functionality, allowing the owner to change the site configuration. Alas, the sites collected on the Builder is limited in terms of functionality for the designer. What is the difference between free sites from paid?

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Free website project, built without investing money and using as a platform the functionality of the constructor. The user registered on the constructor allocated a certain space for the files and database, and provides a third level domain a La «иѕегпаме.название_конструктора.ги». In fact, all rights to the site, built on the designer, belong to its owners. The user only manages the project at their discretion.

Pay site – a project based, generally, on the basis of any CMS, and hosted on a paid hosting. The address of the website is used often paid second level domain. However, there are exceptions. Thus, in the area .tk domain for the first year of use is free, but its renewal will cost much more expensive than other TLDs.

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To feel the difference, imagine your website is a common bathroom. Free website is a small room in a hostel with a shared kitchen and bathroom. In turn, the website on a paid hosting – this apartment, the location of which depends only on thickness of a purse of its owner. Want to place the project on absouloutely servers in the Netherlands? Please pay and use the services! Unfortunately, designers are unable to offer such advantages, and users are obliged to comply with the terms of the free surface. As a result the owners pay sites more freedom in terms of placement of their project.

In addition, the owner of the site, built on the constructor, allocate some volume on the hard disk. As a rule, an increase in volume is impossible. As for the paid sites, the expansion of quota on the disk is carried out in a couple of clicks for a certain amount of money. Moreover, the hosting providers provide initially large amounts of traffic and disk space than free designers. If you decide to complete your project videos or music, then in any case you have to use the services of hosting companies. Thus, the main difference between the free sites from paid projects is that to create the first does not require investing money.

«Construction» site on the designer is virtually no different from working in Word. The user creates a page, adds texts and images, draw tables and unloads all this through the interface on the website. Website creation in the constructor is a simple process with which to handle almost any Internet user, whose actions are limited by the functionality of the constructor. For example, if the platform does not provide the forum or the version for the visually impaired, it is possible to add them to the site no longer work.

The decision to create a website on a paid hosting allows its owner not to be limited in the project configuration. After installing a CMS user will have an extensive set of plugins that extend its functionality. Forums, chat rooms and other «chips» installed in a couple of clicks. In addition, a large number of designs allows you to customize any project at their discretion, which is not similar to each other free websites, built to the constructors.

What is the difference between free and paid sites? The freedom of choice of design, enhanced functionalities, configuration management of the project. Every future owner of the site chooses «method of construction» the resource at its discretion depending on the skills and availability of funds. A very simple and small website and others need a corporate website or online store. However, recently on the Internet there is a symbiosis of designers and paid hosting. Constructors a La Wix.com initially involve the creation of high-quality free website according to a predetermined scheme. For expandability, the binding domain of the second level or increase the volume required to submit payment according to established rates. Perhaps, this is the best option for those who want to have a site, but poorly versed in hosting, domains and CMS.

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Pay site
Free website

You can choose the platform and design
To create website without programming skills

Functionality is easily expanded by installing additional plugins
The website is created without spending any money

The amount of allocated resources depends on the tariff plan that you can easily change
A limited number of resources on the constructor

The use of second level domain
The binding domain of the second level in most of the cases, is issued free domain is 3 lvl

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