What is different from a gamepad joystick?

«Bread and circuses!» – famous expression of the ancient satirist, said to the Roman people, reflected in the present life. For centuries, sports and games as a spectacle attracted a huge number of people. But in the 80-ies of the last century with the development of computers and digital technologies, there are special virtual gaming industry. Slot machines and console, cyber clubs and competitions – all this is combined with the current community of gamers, not representing their life without virtual battles. The abundance of different genres of games gave an opportunity to every manufacturer to find a niche, and a large selection of gaming accessories altogether diverse gameplay gamers. The emergence of various joysticks, steering wheels, game controllers, and virtual reality helmets have enabled millions of people to plunge into the game world, not looking up from the sofa. But most gamers do not even know what is different from a gamepad joystick. Because for them it is two identical devices. Whether so it, will find out in this article.

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A little bit about devices


The controller (eng. gamepad) – a type of game manipulator, which represents a remote control with buttons that are held primarily with two hands. On the left side of the panel, typically is the d-pad for character control (buttons right, left, forward, backward), and on the right side – buttons actions (shooting, jumping, blows, etc.). In the management of most gamepads are used as thumbs and forefingers (Kuroki in «DualShock»).


Joystick – (eng. joystick) game controller in the form of a small arm on a stand with a set of additional keys, buttons and triggers. Management is carried out in two planes mostly with one hand. Because of ignorance of the etymology of the word and purpose of this type of manipulator is a joystick called a gamepad consoles Sony PlayStation and Xbox, and also game consoles Dendy and Sega.

Thus, the difference of the controller from the joystick is like in appearance, and management input.

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A large part of game controllers are manufactured under the individual game genres. Thus, the wheel with pedals is designed primarily for games of the genre racing, controller Wii console for sports titles, and the joystick is used by the gamers in the aviation simulation and.. And only game pads are versatile accessories that allow you to control the character in the different genres of games, be it racing simulator, action game or a race.

Thanks to Nintendo and its NES console controllers acquired enormous popularity. The location of button «d-pad – left» and «unit action buttons – right» proposed by the company in its first console, has become a kind of benchmark in the gaming industry. Further the configuration is not changed, only increased the number of buttons. So, the gamepad added a trigger located on the back face of the housing and guided his index and middle fingers. Then joined a kind of analog sticks or a small multi-position joysticks that mimic the action button and character control. Those analog sticks, many began to call gamepads joysticks.

So what is the difference between the controller and the joystick? Appearance, various purpose, types of management – all that distinguishes one controller from another. But don’t forget about the price gaming mouse. Despite the development of the mobile segment of the gaming industry, consoles and personal computers are still popular among gamers. Buying a particular game accessory, gamers pay attention not only on design, functionality, but also on the price of the device. The minimum cost of the controller significantly lower price tag the cheap joystick.

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Mainly meant for games of the genre «simulator»
Suitable for games of different genres

To control the joystick in one hand
Held and operated with both hands, as a rule, involved in the management of the thumbs and index fingers

Joysticks are popular only among fans of aviasimov and fans of space sagas
The great popularity among gamers, the ability to connect a controller to any device with USB interface

The high cost
The cost of the controller significantly lower

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