What distinguishes a PSP-3000 or PSP go?

For ten years Sony has released many variations of its portable console PlayStation Portable, which is so loved by gaming fans. Undoubtedly, development of smartphones and mobile games industry significantly affected the decrease in sales of portable consoles. Despite high sales of the PSP Vita, the latest generation portable gaming console, models such as «3008» or «go», are still popular among Russian gamers, not thinking my life without games. By the way, model PSP-3008 is a localized Russian version of the PSP-3000, intended for Japan. Thus, the model 3000 and 3008 are identical, which is not true about the difference with the PSP go, which is a completely new device from the point of view of generational change. In fact, «go-model» is a kind of offshoot of the series, because it is quite natural to consider a successor to the PSP Vita 3000-th model. But what distinguishes a PSP-3000 or PSP go?

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PlayStation Portable 3000 console Japanese production, released by Sony on 14 October 2008. First 3000 model was presented to the public in August of the same year at the event «GC 2008». Console PSP-3000 is a single unit structure with the UMD-drive. In the center gaming console is the display, the edges of which are blocks of control keys and actions.

PlayStation Portable 3000

PSP go – the penultimate model portable console, which is radically different from the previous generation. In fact, PSP go announced at E3 in June 2009, was supposed to replace the PSP-3000, but, realizing the futility of their offspring, the developers of the model «go» to close the project and has released an updated version of «3000» under a new name E1000. PSP go is a classic slider, consisting of two halves. On the top of the slider located in the display, and the bottom one analog joystick and control buttons. Similar design Sony used in the Xperia Play.

PSP go

Thus, the main difference between the PSP-3000 or PSP go is the form factor of the console. But beyond that, both portable consoles many differences, ranging from size of display and set-top boxes and ending with the presence of internal memory and a UMD slot.

The difference between PSP-3000 and PSP go

The first generation of consoles was content PSP UMD-drive. In fact, he was the only «loader» games for the console. In developers PSP go removed the UMD slot, which led to an increase in the autonomy of the console and reduce its weight. So, the length of the model «go» has decreased to 41 mm due to the fact that the navigation keys have been moved to the bottom of the slider. Weight also dropped to 158 grams (PSP-3000 – 189 g).

No drive effect on the device’s internal memory. In PSP go has 16 gigabytes of internal memory, while the 3000-th model was only 64 MB, and it is intended for system firmware. These 16 GB are supposed to be used for games downloaded from the PlayStation Network.

Another notable difference between one model from another is the size of the display. If PSP-3000, like its predecessors, is applied to the 4.3 inch display of 480 x 272 pixels, the PSP go is set in a 3.8 inch screen with the same resolution.

As for hardware, the platform on both consoles single: multimedia Sony CXD1876 CPU processor built on 32-bit MIPS R4000 core with a clock frequency of 333 MHz, 64 MB of RAM DDR SDRAM. To increase the amount of memory in the PSP-3000 uses a memory card of MS Pro Duo, while in the model PSP go is more compact MS micro (M2).

Dimensions consoles naturally affected the volume of the battery. So, in a large 3000-th model contains a battery capacity of 1200 mA*h, while in the more compact PSP go is the battery of 930 mAh. But due to the lack of UMD drive and the cost of disk read time consoles work the same way – 6 hours.

In addition, PSP go came the long-awaited Bluetooth, which allows you to connect a headset or wireless headphones and also transfer files to other devices. Wi-Fi is present in both models of consoles.

So what’s the difference between PSP-3000 and PSP go? If you are still asking this question, look at the table below.

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PSP go

There is a UMD drive
Compact size and less weight

Larger 4.3-inch display
Built-in memory 16 GB

The console form factor – candybar
Support more new format of memory card MS Micro

High capacity battery of 1200 mAh
The console is a slider

PSP-3000 first modifications cheaper PSP go
The Presence Of Bluetooth

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