Record video from the desktop to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

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I once wrote about a different program to record video with audio from desktop and from games in Windows, including paid and such powerful programs like Bandicam and free simple and effective solutions like NVidia ShadowPlay. In this review we will talk about another such program is OBS or Open Broadcaster Software, with which you can easily record video with sound from a variety of sources on your computer and perform live streaming of desktop and games in popular services such as YouTube or Twitch.

Although the program is free (open source), it provides a truly comprehensive experience of recording video and audio from your computer, and productive, which is important to our user, interface is in Russian language.

In the example below will demonstrate how to use OBS to record video from the desktop (i.e. creating screencasts), but the utility just as easily can be used to record gaming videos, I hope after reading the review it will be clear exactly how to do it. Also note that OBS is currently available in two versions — Classic for OBS Windows 7 8 and Windows 10 OBS and Studio, which in addition to Windows supports OS X and Linux. Considered to be the first option (the second on is currently in early stages of development and may be unstable).

Use OBS to record desktop video and games

After running Open Broadcaster Software, you will see just a blank screen with a proposal to start streaming, start recording or start the preview. Thus if you just do something from the above, it is possible to broadcast live or recorded will be only a blank screen (however, by default, with the audio from the microphone and the sound from the computer).

In order to record video from any source, including from the Windows desktop, you need to add this source by clicking right mouse button in the corresponding list at the bottom of the program window.

After you add «desktop» as the source, you can set the mouse capture, to select one of the monitors, if more than one. If you select «Game», you will be able to choose a specific running program (not necessarily the game), the window which will be recorded.

After that simply click «Start recording» — in this case, desktop video will be recorded with audio in the Video folder on the computer in format .flv. You can also run the preview to make sure that the video capture works fine.

If you want to configure more detail settings, go to settings. Here you can change the following basic options (some may be available, depending upon, including, from those used on the computer hardware, particularly graphics cards):

  • Encoding — encoder settings for video and sound.
  • Broadcast — configure broadcast live video and audio to various online services. If you only require a video recording on the computer, you can set the mode to «Local account». Also you can change folder saving the video and change the format from flv to mp4, which is also supported.
  • Video and audio — adjust related settings. In particular, video resolution, default video card, the FPS when recording, sources for recording audio.
  • Hot keys — customize hot keys to start and stop recordings and broadcasts, enable or disable audio recording, etc.

Additional program features

If desired, in addition to direct recording of the screen, you can add a picture of the webcam on top of the recorded video, just adding to the list of sources «capture Device» and set it in the same way as was done for the desktop.

Setting any of the sources can also be opened by double-clicking on it in the list. Some additional settings such as changing the location, accessible via right-click menu on the source.

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Similarly, you can add a watermark or logo over the video using «Image» as the source.

This is not the whole list of what you can do with Open Broadcaster Software. For example, you can create multiple scenes with different sources (e.g., different monitors) and perform a transition between them in writing or broadcasts, automatic shutdown recording from the microphone when «silence» (Noise gate), creating profiles, record and some of the advanced settings codecs.

In my opinion, this is one of the great options free program to record video from computer screen, successfully combining the capabilities, performance and relative ease of use even for the novice user.

I recommend to try, if you haven’t found a solution for such problems is that you would be fully fit by the combination of parameters. Download OBS considered in variant and also in a new — OBS Studio from the official site

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