How should I store winter clothes

Winter has passed, which means it’s time to wear spring clothes. But before that you need to put the winter things so they please you in the next cold season.

Как лучше хранить зимние вещи

Highlight in your closet a place to store winter clothes and don’t forget to put moth proofing.

Coat. Before you store a fur coat in storage until the next cold weather, make sure it is clean and dry. If necessary, use the cleaning. Keep the coat, placing it in dense cover, in a dark closet.

Jacket. After the season the jacket is recommended to be dry-cleaned. Of course, you can wash it at home, but then purchase the Laundry detergent and special balls which will prevent the feathers be rolled out in clumps when washed. Store the jacket in a closet, on a hanger, placing it in the garment bag.

Gloves and mittens. Gather all the mittens and gloves together and place in an airtight container with a lid. So nothing is lost and things will not harm the moths and other insects.

Shoes. Before storing your entire shoes be sure to wash and dry. Tamp socks the boots with old Newspapers to keep their original shape. Then you can put all the shoes in the box.

Sweaters and pullovers. Such things should not be stored on hangers, since they stretch and lose their shape. Wash them, and then neatly stow in a closet. Between the sweaters put remedy for moles.

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