How to achieve true happiness

Most likely, you know what can make you happy. I don’t know how to keep this feeling. Is it possible to always be happy? Possible. Moreover, our greatest responsibility and purpose in this life is to be happy.

Как достичь истинного счастья

How to achieve a state of happiness? First of all, you need to let go of old attitudes. The most entrenched and incorrect installation to think so: «When I achieve my goal, I’ll be happy.»

The purpose can be anything. For example, the girl thinks: «you’ll marry, and then I will be happy,» finally comes out. Starting to think now: «Here have a baby, then that happiness will come!» But to think incorrectly! Or for instance the man thinks: «take the job, and then all happiness!» or «I will Move to live in another country and I will be a happy man». But before reaching his goal, after the fleeting joy inside there is emptiness and confusion. Why is this happening? Let’s face it.

Remember once and for all, it is a destructive and fundamentally wrong setting — «goal first, then happiness.» Imagine that you have achieved everything now. What most want. Imagine that you already have, and riches, and glory, and beauty, and health. What’s next? What will you wish for? What I wish you successful and rich people? What you want and what do happy people live? Ask yourself these questions.

Recall a situation when your wishes and goals come true, and you have not received this happiness or at least satisfaction, were disappointed. When problems somehow remained the same, or the state of joy from the goal quickly disappears. That is the law of this world — a condition which we call «happiness» achieved goals, in fact — the condition of weak, temporary, passing. It is not able to make a man happy forever! And there’s no point your entire life chasing their goals, they can generally prove to be false, someone imposed or simply do not bring long-awaited happiness!

So how, then, to become a happy person? To understand that happiness is a special state of mind. Happiness is a resource state, can work miracles! To create our own reality! Each person can enter this state of happiness, joy and creation. You need to determine for yourself the new installation — «happiness first, then aim».

For example, the girl who understood and accepted this concept, get married. But not just married, but married to a man who would suit her so that it would be difficult to believe! She will be able to go side by side all life, to build the right partnerships, can learn to truly love.

What an invaluable advantage of such a concept of happiness? When you are in a state of happiness, joy — you control the situation. Imagine that you have a birthday, you are on holiday. Around favorite and friends, congratulations you, you in a joyful state, to accept gifts, talking, laughing. And suddenly someone comes up to you in a bad mood, tells you something is not quite pleasant. How would you react? Most likely, you do not even pay attention to it and soon forget about it. Certainly not will sort things out! Such is the great power of this state. So you need to live every day.

According to this principle needs to shape a life! Always be in joy, to include yourself in this mystical understanding of happiness. A person who lives in a happy state, the goal coming true. Moreover, his true goals come true and false, coming from false ego, by themselves otmazyvayut. And as a result, the goal executed will not bring disappointment or emptiness. The laws of this world act so that all the chances, given from above, begin to develop themselves from a happy man. He has a special vision of the whole, a totally different view on things, other values and principles. Themselves in my head there are right ideas, the right words. Changing environment, come to life new or old friends back. In General, everything starts to take shape the best way! Moreover, this is absolutely fantastic, even in my wildest dreams we can’t quite imagine how it all happens!

It is very important to record all the miracles that will happen to you when you accept this concept of happiness, in a separate notebook. In moments of unbelief or doubt, it will help to remember and make sure again that in this state life is completely different. Magic filled, bright, fair, beautiful and amazing! Please accept this «principle of joy», feel this state of happiness for yourself! And you’ll never want more another life, this is the most delicious and amazing, that can happen to a person! This is the ultimate goal in everyone’s life, and the most important duty of any man!

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