Love at a distance: how to survive the separation

World is designed so that man and woman can’t live without each other. Sometimes distance prevents us to be together. How to survive the separation, while not losing the sense of unity.


The distance. How many untold emotions in this word. Lovers living in different cities, countries and continents know that feeling when you want to live and breathe together, to go shopping, walk the dog, prepare your morning coffee, take a bath. But it’s impossible. We have to find ways to preserve the excitement, the attraction to each other, to give the chance to be a future General.

Central to the preservation of such relationships is trust, eradicate jealousy and suspicion of infidelity. After all, if you really love, this love will pass through all, and will remain. A very important point must be a presence of faith that the time will come and you will be next. While any of us is entitled to his own space. You need to develop in isolation from each other, to have a private time for friends and going to the Museum, the courses of cutting and sewing, dancing and drawing. This does not mean that you should forget about a loved one. It is important to be able to enjoy life, and shares his impressions with his half.

Do not forget to tell about the day, interesting events for the week, the Council in making any decisions. The communication will help you to be closer, even if it’s a conversation. In our world with a widely developed information technology can think of many ways to facilitate conversation. Turn on Skype and make a romantic dinner. Try to watch the same movie at the same time. Write a letter the old fashioned way.

Keep romance in the relationship. Do surprises and give gifts more often, because the surge of positive only strengthens the love. People who can’t dream have nothing. Together, try to plan your meetings than you will be doing, what a school visit. Talk about the future openly – as you can see, relations in the future, you want to change, we must strive towards both of you. And then you all must succeed!

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