How to avoid wrinkles and lines

Many women find that with age the appearance of wrinkles is inevitable. But with proper and timely care, wrinkles will appear much later.

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The woman’s face is her calling card. So wrinkles do not spoil your beauty, offering simple tips to care for skin.

1 the Board. Cleansing of the skin. To skin to look young and fresh, you must thoroughly clean it. But it’s not necessary to use strong medications. Rinse cosmetics warm water, then wipe the face tonic or lotion. Twice a week otshelushivaet the skin with a scrub or tool for peeling. This procedure will help prevent acne, as it removes dead skin cells, which accumulate fat and grow bacteria.

2, the Board. Hydration. Facial skin requires regular moisturizing. So in the morning and evening on cleansed skin , apply a moisturizer. During the day you can enjoy the thermal water. Once a week is recommended to make nourishing and moisturizing mask for the face. You can apply a mask made from natural products, or use masks of different cosmetic brands.

3 the Board. The choice of means to care. To choose the beauty products depending on skin type. To determine your skin type will help the dermatologist or beautician. You can also do this yourself using special literature.

4 the Board. A facial massage. Massage stimulates circulation, helps to tighten facial contours and make the skin more elastic. For massage you can use natural oils, they moisturize and nourish the skin.

5 the Board. Give up bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco smoke contribute to skin aging and slow the formation of new cells. The skin becomes dull and acquires a painful look.

6 advice. Protection from the weather. Sun, wind, cold — all these factors affect the skin. It is therefore important to choose care products depending on the season. In winter you need a rich cream that protects the skin from the cold, and in summer you should use a moisturizer with SPF.

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