Dangerous outdoor Wi-Fi

Many people are aware of the desire to fill the waiting is a visit to your favorite Internet resources, especially in conditions when an open Wi-Fi Dating in public places: cafes, stations, airports. This, in turn, allows the fraudsters using open Wi-Fi access to users ‘ personal information. It passwords, information about Bank cards. And if you look through friends ‘ updates on social networks still can not afford, it is possible to seek the services of Internet banking will be decided not by many.

Опасен ли открытый Wi-Fi

Of course, the use of wireless Internet provides quick access to the desired information. Mobile Internet is significantly inferior to the speed of Wi-Fi technology, which makes it less popular. Meanwhile, owners of cafes, restaurants, cinemas in the quest to attract to their establishments as more customers are resorting to different marketing-mix, among them – open Wi-Fi network.

Is it really so dangerous to use public networks? Usually, when talking about public access point, the encryption of the connection is missing, unlike a home network, which is mainly password protected. When using an open wifi network is no defense no, it means that you cannot be confident in the device that distributes the Internet or other devices, which also connect to the public network. Accordingly, possible surveillance of the traffic of any user, infecting the device with malware. This can be very dangerous in an emerging cyber-fraud.

However, this does not mean that there is no protection from surveillance. They are intended for specialised services and programs that must be installed before the first access to a public network.

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