Just how to become a fairy, or a guide to the performance of dreams

Scheme of execution of the dreams is simple and it consists of only four items: language, thinking, preparation and implementation. However, to realize the dream, need to work hard.

Золота рыбка


1. Formulation. At this stage, please, more specific. What? How? What? Why? Why? When? Put plenty of questions and give them logical and precise answers. Otherwise, the universe may surprise you.

2. Thinking. We dream, but it is not know yet, as intended to carry out. For example, to travel, to buy a car, get rid of sickness. Let’s imagine a place where you want to visit, select the route, method of travel, where we stay, what would we do in the journey, make a list of things that we will need on the trip. And now we are one step closer to making my dream come true.

3. Preparation. You first need to gather information about the object of your dreams. Yes, the information is, first and foremost. After all, it is the unfamiliarity makes in most cases an unattainable dream. We cannot imagine the details might feel a semblance of fear or uncertainty. Information gives confidence and strength.
So, we are collecting interesting information, seeking feedback, talking to friends, there are more questions and we find answers. This stage can be compared with business planning

4. Implementation. An important step of the enterprise to achieve dreams is its implementation, i.e., implementation of our business plan. Here we use the information you managed to gather at the second stage.

5. There are no guarantees. A lot of work and a fraction of luck. But the main thing is the desire. Small uncertainties «And do I need it?» and durable in appearance, the pyramid staggered and need to start all over again. So I have to answer to this question. For example, the desire to have a car is not always sincere, and often dictated by any external factors, that is, the question of prestige, and not a necessity. The dream is not a dream but a desire to look in the eyes of others so or so. And already the subconscious mind does not seek, and even raise my head, and laziness of thought akin to «Oh, that’ll do!»

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