A wind chime from old keys

Changed the lock, and the key was to lie idle? Do not rush to throw away this seemingly useless thing, as the key from the non-existing lock, because if you collect a few of these keys, they can make a wind chime.

Музыка ветра из старых ключей

Of course, the wind chime from old keys is not a very useful thing, but the creative process, especially when involving children, it will be very exciting.

To make a wind chime with your own hands, you will need: several keys of different sizes, colored thread (not the most subtle, such as iris or acrylic yarn for knitting, and wool), colored paint, tree branch or wooden plank (you can also take a stick from the Chinese set of chopsticks), scissors.

The process is very simple. As you can see, you just have to hang the keys on the threads in a row on a wooden stick. However, the hack will be brighter if you paint the keys with an oil paint (or nail Polish or other paint that is good on metal surface). Also you can touch up paint stick, wrap it with colorful threads.

To hang the wind chime tree in the garden or at home, tie it to the edges of the sticks a long piece of string.

Helpful hint: before you bind a string key to a wood stick, string on a thread a few colourful plastic or wooden beads.

By the way, if you have lots of keys, not necessarily have them on the same level close to each other. Hang them, for example, zigzag — making thread for hanging shorter or longer.

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