What is a topiary

Ornamental trees in pots has recently gained in popularity. As a rule, call it a homemade creation «European tree» or «tree of happiness». Specialists in design and needlework know it as a topiary.

Что такое топиарий

Topiary and is an unfamiliar word for the Russian language. And this is understandable. Because of its Latin roots: «topiary» — curly pruning trees and shrubs. At the time of the domination of this Renaissance garden art was at the height of his fame, until replaced in the 18th century landscape design.

However, the ornamental gardens with lots of fancy cut shapes have an even longer history. In Ancient Rome a decorative site, dedicated to this art, called topia, and the special people involved in the trimming of plants, was a master (topiarius) «topoi».

Today the topiary garden space migrated to the interior living spaces. Moreover, he acquired a decorative and practical orientation since it is not done from living plants, and improvised from natural and artificial materials. The technique is simple. As a rule, is the base (flower pot, basket or tin), which is fixed in the trunk. Role stem plays a gnarled tree branch or just a metal tube.

All the beauty in the crown, which is usually in the form of a ball or cone made from paper or foam and decorated with dried leaves, coffee beans, pine cones, acorns, synthetic flowers and than the heart desires. This decorative tree does not need watering, it fits perfectly in any interior. But if the dust settles over time, it can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or blow dryer.

It is not necessary that the topiary was placed only in the flower pot. It can be made larger and placed on the floor. A miniature copy of the tree is made in any subject, if you want to prepare a gift for birthday or New year. Of course, with the topiary of Ancient Rome it has nothing to do. It’s just a decorative thing handmade.

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