Mimulus for balconies, pots and flower beds

Mimulus — a godsend for those who appreciate the ruggedness, long flowering and colourful. This flower is a Sprinter, able for a short time to grow and bloom.

Мимулюс для балконов, горшков и цветников

Mimulus (gubastik) is not a very common flower. It is not often seen in gardens and in landscaping balconies. Meanwhile, mimulus has several indisputable advantages:

— plants grown from seed to bloom after 7…8 weeks;

— flowers are not afraid of cool weather in spring and late autumn, adequately tolerate the cold rains and frosts;

— long bloom and remain decorative in late summer and autumn until the first snow;

— have diverse colors colors colors, different height plants of 15 to 50 cm and above.

Mimulus different from other common flowers in that they do not like hot weather. In the middle of summer when it’s dry, high temperature and low humidity, they cease to bloom.

How to grow mimulus from seed?

Seeds of mimulus small. Sow them at home in a loose absorbent, soil soil on seedlings in late March — early April for flowering in spring and early summer.

Sowing is carried out superficially, whether they are granular or ordinary. Prior to germination seeds need moisture, so they cover with foil or glass.

At a moderate temperature (18…23) shoots appear within a week. Once deployed cotyledonary leaves, containers emulously move to a cooler place with a temperature not below 15 ° C and reduce watering. The soil at this time must have humidity, but you can’t «zablokovat».

Dive seedlings at occurrence 2…3 sheets.

Grow quality seedlings at low temperature (about 15…18oC), moist soil and good lighting.

To get profuse blooming, pinch them when you expand the 4 to 6 leaf and remove the first flowers appeared.

If plants are stunted, they are fed a mineral soluble fertilizers for seedlings in small concentrations.

For balconies, growing in pots use modern hybrids:

  • Thus, the hybrid Magic is the most compact and early flowering group, having up to 15 different colors and height from 15 to 25 cm.
  • Series hybrids Maximum has the largest flowers, up to 6 cm Varieties in this series a higher, 30 to 50 cm and are the most resistant to hot weather in the summer months. They are suitable for growing in flower beds and containers.
  • For hanging baskets and planters should give preference to the hybrid series Mystic. Its flowers are distinguished by stature (15…20 cm), compact and perfectly suitable for hanging «garden.»

When growing mimulus in the garden of his seedlings are grown in a greenhouse in spring. For flowering in the autumn sowing is carried out in the summer in partial shade.

In autumn you can collect their seeds, to move a favourite painting of plants in the house and store them until spring. And in the spring mimulus to propagate from cuttings.

Mimulus planted in various containers, pots, hanging baskets, balconies, Alpine slides, and water bodies.

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