Medical ways to remove red moles

Red birthmark (angioma) may appear on the body for a number of reasons. To get rid of such entities will not only folk remedies and professional medical intervention. Ways of dealing with red moles enough for you to be able to choose the optimal variant.

Удаление красных родинок медикаментозно


Vascular or carbon dioxide laser

This method is considered the most common as it has a positive result in most cases. The procedure is performed by careful dissection of the upper laser of the skin of the skin on the mole. After 2-5 days you will feel that the crust is formed, which is then freely will disappear, and the skin is completely purified.


The essence of the method consists in cauterization of the moles with carbon dioxide. Then formed a crust. However doctors recommend to use the method only in the case of formation of moles, located on the upper layers of the skin. If you will cauterize deep angioma, that is, the probability that the tumor will increase in size.


Both small and large moles are optimally suited for the removal by coagulation. From the nature of the procedure (light, radio wave, infrared) depends not only efficiency, but also the dynamics of the emergence of new angiomas. As a rule, to eliminate painful sensations the doctor put the anesthetic in the injection.


Treatment of red birthmarks liquid nitrogen is used in medicine for a long time. Vessels that form the birthmark, by freeze cauterization, and then it is destroyed. This leads to the disappearance of the mole.

Introduction under the skin of the specialized drugs (chemical hardening)

By choosing this method, you should be prepared for the fact that the skin next to the mole doctor will inject a drug that contains certain chemicals that can completely isolate the vessels from the main flow. Therefore, the mole disappears soon as the blood ceases to flow in the vessels.

Don’t forget that before medical intervention to eliminate red moles need to undergo tests and consult with a specialist. A qualified doctor will advise the best option based on the specific lesion and individual characteristics of the organism.

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