Reasons to give up sugar

After reading the title of the article millions of sweet tooth horrified scream that this is impossible. Yes, you have to agree that this is a big blow for fans of sweet tea and sweets, but this is no ordinary fad, but a proven scientific fact.

Причины отказаться от сахара

Sugar is a poison

Many a sweet tooth should understand that sugar is a totally useless product in the human diet. After all, it’s only calories that lead to weight gain and excess pounds. If all can’t live without sugar, replace with honey or cane sugar.

Sugar leads to the destruction of bones and teeth

In order to digest sugar, the body has to spend a huge amount of calcium, which leads to a reduction of its quantity in bones and teeth, which can lead to increased sensitivity of tooth enamel.

The appearance of wrinkles

Sugar attaches to collagen fibers, after which they become tight and inelastic. In this regard, they lose their flexibility and tone. Because of this fiber do not already support the top layer of skin, so it becomes flabby and wrinkled.

Possible development of beriberi

In the processing of sugar your body uses not only calcium, but also vitamins of group B. If you do not take them in pills or capsules, it can lead to vitamin deficiency, poor blood circulation and dysfunction of the nervous and cardiac systems.


Sugar, like drugs, is addictive. Therefore it is necessary to refuse sugar gradually, gradually reducing portions.

The reduction in the duration of sleep

Sugar is a quick carbohydrate, which instantly fissions and releases energy. In this case, it is necessary where-that to spend, so after you eat sugar, can’t sleep.

Caution: appendicitis!

Oddly enough, sugar can serve as a catalyst for the inflammatory process of the Appendix. It contributes to the lowered immunity in the intestine, thus increasing the likelihood of the beginning of the inflammatory process.


When you eat a little sugar, the processes and the immune system decreases in a couple of times. Therefore, all the time, when the body digests sugar, the worse immune system protects against viruses and bacteria.

After the above reasons you should think about the possible refusal of sugar and products containing sugar, in good health. Or not enough?

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