How much money can I withdraw from the card VTB in the day

On each banking card issued by the Bank VTB24, is a certain withdrawal limit with cash. For each type of card your limit, so it is not surprising that many people decided to start using the services of this particular Bank, there’s the question of how much you can withdraw money from the card VTB in the day.

Сколько денег можно снять с карты ВТБ в день

VTB24 produces three main types of cards: Classic (classic), Gold (gold) and Platinum (platinum). The lowest limit for cash withdrawal has the classic cards, the highest being platinum. However, it is worth remembering that the higher the status of the card, the more expensive annual maintenance. It is useful to note that on some types of cards for each client the Bank may establish special limits personally by appointment. As for cash withdrawal per day for debit cards, the owners of standard and classic cards every 24 hours at the ATM can remove 100 000, in the Bank office — the exact same amount, but the holders of Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard, «VTB24 – Transaero» Visa Classic, classical salary card VTB 24 per day in the ATM can also withdraw the same 100 000 roubles, but in the office of the Bank three times, namely 300 000 rubles. All holders of gold debit cards per day at the ATM to withdraw 200 000 roubles in cash Desk of the office a little more than half a million, namely — 600 000 rubles. Of course, if you’re going to remove quite a large sum, then you better take the office of the Bank and perform the transaction there, as the ATM at a time produces no more than 40 bills. Agree, not very convenient to remove, for example, the sum of 250 000 roubles provided that the ATM only gives one-thousand bills.

As for credit cards of the Bank VTB 24, they set the following limits:

— the holders of classic cards of VTB24 in a day can take a hundred thousand rubles in the cash and three hundred thousand rubles in the Bank’s offices.

— the owners of gold cards VTB24 (they are marked as Gold) have the opportunity to cash in ATM 200 000 rubles, and in the office of the Bank is 600 000 rubles (this is one of the most common types of cards in the last two years).

— holders of platinum cards, which include «VTB24 – RZD» Visa Platinum and «VTB24 – Yakutia» a day can be taken from your card in the ATM 300 000 rubles, and in the office — 1 000 000 rubles.

The Bank VTB24 and there is a limit on cash withdrawals in a month. To be precise, the holders of classic cards per month can withdraw an amount not exceeding one million rubles, the owners of gold cards — two million and holders of platinum cards to three million.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that with the classic cards a day you can withdraw amount from 100 to 300 thousand, depending on the pickup, with gold — from 200 to 600 thousand, and platinum — from 300 thousand to a million.

In recent times there are cases when when withdrawing cash, the holder has the option to receive only 10,000 of the limited, for example, 100 000. In most cases, this situation can be resolved only if you contact one of the offices of the Bank. Of course, it’s very uncomfortable, but still note that although for each card and spelled out the terms and conditions of cash withdrawals, but the Bank for a left right possibility to put limitations for withdrawals of up to 10 thousand rubles, but this information applies only to credit cards.

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