How to reach the subscriber, who is in the black list

The service «black list» is a very convenient option that allows you to protect yourself from calls from certain numbers. But how frustrating is to learn that in this very list you are one of their friends or acquaintances. Of course, you can leave everything as is and only speculate on the reason for the lock, however, there are times when contact with the caller is necessary.

Как дозвониться до абонента, если я у него в черном списке

You will need

  • phone;
  • — SIM card.


1. If you are a long time trying to reach the person, but I heard only short beeps, signifying that the subscriber is busy, then you most likely got into his black list. That is, you will not be able to call him from his room until he exclude you from his list.
If you urgently need to contact him, try sending him a phone message asking to call back, briefly state the situation. In most cases, the SMS reach the subscriber, if he sees fit, we will call you back.

2. If you did not wait for him to call, try after some time again to call him their own. Perhaps you already excluded from the black list and you will be able to contact the caller.
If the attempt to call is not successful, then try to use the phone boyfriend/girlfriend, acquaintance or relative. In this case, most likely, the answer will not make you wait long.

3. Currently almost every corner there are shops where you can buy a SIM card. If you really need in the near future to talk with the caller, then buy a spare card, insert it into the phone and make that important call.
But in General, remember, if you were entered in the «black list» in personal area networks (MTS, Beeline, Tele2, etc.), then only the above methods. In that case, if you were placed on a «blacklist» in the device settings, you only have on your phone to turn off the «show room».

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