How to make a cover for the sandbox: painted in style Gorodets.

To make the cover for the sandbox painted in style Gorodets is not that difficult. A little patience, and your sandbox will be a real art object.

В городецком стиле

You will need

  • — the base (the material from which the cover, for example, a sheet of plywood);
  • — PVA glue;
  • water;
  • — acrylic white or light blue enamel (for painting radiators and wood, for outdoor use);
  • — acrylic paint for artwork (black, yellow, red, green);
  • — brushes (wide painting, art of different sizes);
  • varnish acrylic aerosol;
  • — cardboard;
  • — a simple pencil;
  • — eraser;
  • — cloth or napkin.


1. First you need to prepare the material to work. To do this, it needs to be cleaned from dust and primed. As a primer use a mixture of PVA glue and a small amount of water. The mixture will be runny, but not watery. This composition using a wide paint brush will cover the surface of the future cap. Cover in one layer. Allow to dry out.

2. The next step will prepare the background. To do this, using a paint brush spread on the entire surface of the cover enamel white or light blue color. Apply in two layers.
While the paint dries nacetem and cut out cardboard templates: these are circles of different diameter to make drawings of berries and flowers, as well as typical for Gorodets painting the figure of the thrush.

3. With a simple pencil and prepared paper patterns to indicate on the cover the next figure. Any lines to delete with the eraser. Around the flowers and berries will draw the leaves.

4. Now you can start coloring. First paint green leaves around the berries and flowers, as well as the tail of the Blackbird.

5. Next, paint the trunk of the Blackbird in black. Wing thrush, berries and the elements of colour paint red.

6. When the paint dries will porisuem missing elements colors yellow color.

7. Execute the contours in black and white ojuku. When the picture dries, apply the varnish.

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