How to grow chamomile

Chamomile is a valuable medicinal plant that has a positive effect on the entire human body. So it makes sense to add chamomile to your therapeutic garden at their summer cottage.

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Chamomile is an annual plant. It can be grown from seed and harvested inflorescences healing possible in 60…70 days.

How to sow chamomile pharmacy in the ground

Seeds are sown before winter, early spring and seedlings. The best temperature for germination of chamomile is 15…20 ° C, while at + 6…7оС seeds begin to sprout.The chamomile seeds are very small, they germinate in the light so you need to sow them on the surface of the prepared soil. For germination of seedlings, a prerequisite is the presence of moisture in the surface layer of the earth. Sowing is carried out on well-watered land and a nonwoven material.

Plot for chamomile is withdrawn in full sun.

The soil should not contain weeds, otherwise they «score» chamomile seedlings. It is necessary to take into account the fact that chamomile makes a great self-seeding. And there will have to dedicate to the cultivation of medicinal raw materials a separate piece of land, so that it does not «interfere» in the way.

Growing seedlings

Chamomile seeds in nature are natural cold stratification during winter. At home a similar procedure can be done in the fridge, put a bag of chamomile in 2…3 months. In the spring they are sown surface in a container with moist earth and exposed to light. Shoots begin to appear after one week at room temperature.

Chamomile seedlings of cold-resistant plant, the main thing at first is not to fill the seedlings.

Why seeds do not germinate

It often happens that the crops before winter or early spring will not germinate. The reasons are different. Mostly natural conditions (podmocani of the soil and the rot of seeds, sun drying the upper soil layer, high strength competition of weeds, etc.). Not a high germination rate of collected seeds 50…60% (first year), while during storage in the future, the germination rate increases slightly. A small number of seed bags. At 1 m requires 1 g of seeds.

Chamomile is a plant resilient and special care is not needed. If you just sow the seeds in the fertilized soil of nutrients, and to fertilize it is not necessary. After all, our task is to grow organic medicinal raw materials. In very dry weather can only be limited to watering medicinal plantation.

How to harvest medicinal raw materials

Harvested exclusively chamomile flowers, although all plant parts are medicinal too. There are three phases of conduct of chamomile flowers. First, when the white petals look up — collect them before the time. If white petals were placed horizontally — it’s time to start harvesting.

The third phase, when the white petals fell down, suggests that flowers have become overripe and begin to pour the seeds on the ground.

Chamomile flowers are harvested in dry weather, dried in the shade and stored in paper bags or boxes. Shelf life of medicinal raw materials 1 year.

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