Picking strawberries

Picking strawberries must occur with great care and with all the rules. This is particularly important if the fruit is to be transported for the purpose of selling or laid in the container for further storage. If the berries needed for technical processing into jams and juices, they can collect even overripe.

Сбор клубники

According to the existing standards, strawberry picking can be done when the fruit is fully ripe and clean. In the process of collection they should immediately be sorted by varieties and with or without peduncle. A prerequisite is the presence of berries cups. To collect you must use the same packaging in which you plan to transport products.

Every two days you need to make a second harvest. This is because strawberries ripen at one time, and with some interval. For most of the popular varieties of fruits are harvested 5-6 times per season. Berries should pull gently, not take for himself the fruit and the stem and carefully peck. Next them put in containers and, if necessary, shift the paper or special cloth.

Directly in the garden should be collected mechanically damaged and rotten berries and immediately remove from site. Experts advise to pick strawberries in the morning. In this case, the berries stay tight and keep the cool night air.

Under normal conditions, the fruits can be stored for 15-20 hours. If placed in a cool room or refrigerator, the shelf life is extended to two weeks. Only cooling of berries should be carried out immediately after collection, without delay. Long-distance transportation of products produced, usually in refrigerated trucks.

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