Whether the peppers swordplay

Swordplay pepper — not an easy procedure for the plants themselves. And we must try to do everything possible so that this operation became a plant less painful.

Нужна ли перцам пикировка

The best option is to grow seedlings in individual pots. But not everyone has that opportunity. Because most of the gardeners grow all their diverse seedlings on the windowsills, where the place a bit. And to build a «roller coaster» with additional lighting in a small apartment many can not afford. And as is customary, grow peppers in one bowl, and then engaged in swordplay.

When you need to dive peppers?

Pepper seeds sown in February to mid-March, give 4…5 leaves and are beginning to compete for the place of residence. The best time to conduct the pick — it March.

But if the peppers sown in very small bowls, the seedlings start to stretch out, and usually when the first true leaves, they suddenly slow to grow, then start to nose dive immediately. If you ignore this point, the peppers will «freeze» development and stop growing. Quality seedlings to the time of planting in the ground to grow.

To water or not to water the seedlings of pepper before the dive?

Some believe that a day or two before picking the peppers to water should not be. Others say that a small pre-irrigation contributes to the preservation of the root ball. Both can be applied. The main thing is to preserve and not to disturb the roots. Peppers, unlike tomatoes, hard restore root damage.

It is necessary to pinch off the main root in swordplay or transplant?

Most often recommend topping the main root in seedlings.

However, if the roots are badly intertwined, it is best not to dig up the roots and be planted every pepper in a separate pot, bypassing this manipulation.

Unlike tomatoes, peppers seedlings much impossible to bury. The stem of the peppers does not form additional roots.

How to water the peppers in the stage dive?

After planting each plant should be watered. For irrigation use of water, separated and at room temperature. For best survival rate for irrigation water add 4 to 5 drops of zircon 1.5 liter bottle. This same solution was sprayed to the seedlings and provide additional humidity for plants, if the room is too hot. Suitable stressing out and other drugs (kornevin, HUMATE, etc.).

After transplanting the peppers, put in a warm place, without drafts. It can be a windowsill, a table. In the first days after transplanting the seedlings slightly pritenyayut from direct sunlight.

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