Spring roses: basic care

How often garden roses that delighted us all summer, do not survive to the next season. Moreover, the erroneous actions are made by growers after the winter, when it seems that the worst has passed. Consider the basic errors in the care of roses.

Весной важно правильно открыть розы


Winter shelter

Knowing that roses need to cover, many gardeners use very inappropriate materials, «seal» at the end of October, and come to the country and «will rekonstruiruet» them in the end of April. Of course, during this time, being wrapped up in polyethylene, black spunbond, and even worse — into the roofing material, plants almost certainly vypivaet. Note, not freeze to death and die from suffocation!


In the autumn it is important to organize air-dry shelter and close to rose only after the final frosts. This is usually the beginning of December, and not October, as is usually practiced by many gardeners!

So, the algorithm «care in winter»:

  • spray plants 3% copper sulfate (300 g per 10 liters of water);
  • acute every Bush with a bucket of compost or garden soil;
  • over trimmed (to 40 cm) stems roses, put the arc, throw to the ground tight spunbond (density 60), and top — polyethylene. If you have the opportunity to come in late autumn and winter at the cottage — adjust «prospirits», raising and lowering the film as fluctuations in temperature. Cold — polyethylene drop to the ground, the thaw film fixed only in the form of a «roof» so that melted snow from dripping inside the shelter.

Воздушно-сухое двуслойное укрытие

If the winter owners in the country is not secure spunbond to the earth, and the top plastic cover so that between it and the ground was a gap in 10-20 cm, So the shelter will be guaranteed to be aired all the time.

Disclosure of spring roses

Often roses open very early or too late.


It all depends on weather conditions. If March is warm, solid (plastic) the cover is lifted slightly at both ends, allowing the bushes to get some air. Otherwise, plants get sick, moldy and die. As soon as cold below — 7оС, cover with one hand lowered, giving the rose to breathe, but avoiding cold draughts.

As soon as night temperatures become positive, the winter cover shoot, but easy fix pritirochnyj material. This is very important!

Many gardeners make the mistake of sharply exposing the hive and exposing the tender shoots at aggressive spring sun. As prudence can be a spunbond density of 17 g/ sq. m or a plain newspaper sheet in a single layer.

Ранневесеннее и поздневесеннее укрытие роз

Newspaper make bags or salasini (as the picture) and fix them on the bushes. Once out of the buds will develop shoots 5-15 cm, newspaper shoot, choosing a cloudy or rainy day so that leaves have adapted to the open sun.

Spring planting of roses

Often, by purchasing early spring, seedlings with open roots, gardeners plant them in pots with earth, podesheveyut and in may planted grown Bush in the garden. As a result — part of the bushes survives and some dies or is ill for a long time. Reasons:

  • burn young leaves of may caressed by the sun;
  • the loss of Bush from the roots of underdevelopment of suction;
  • wrong planting of the seedling


After you purchase seedlings as long as possible to survive them at low positive temperatures (from +2 OC to +5 oC). For these purposes ispolzuut cold cellar, fridge or podsinee storage.

The best for summer resident — last option. In a dark place cottages in the snow buried the purchased seedlings (any, ornamental deciduous shrubs including and and rhizomes of perennials), pouring snow as melting, In mid-April when all the snow melts, there is already an option was added dropwise seedlings on part in the land, be sure okocim or pricenew paper.

Сохранение роз до посадки в сугробе

The rose bushes in the spring planting deepened so that the site of inoculation was 5 cm below the level of the soil, carefully watered. Shoots on the surface of the Spud compost or peat at 15-20 cm in order to protect polynesias buds from frost and sun.

Правильная посадка роз весной

At the beginning of may on an overcast day okuku rake gently, trying not to break the young shoots.

Support stimulants

As soon as the roses start to Wake up and give the young shoots, treat them with stimulants that will make it possible to adapt to the complex weather conditions of spring. As such, use drugs EPIN-Extra, Zircon, Ribav, HB-101, immunocytophite. You need to choose one of these funds and apply it strictly according to instructions.



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