Sterilizer for aquarium

Стерилизатор для аквариума

For inexperienced aquarists may seem complicated the whole set of necessary accessories for a comfortable dwelling fish, plants and other aquatic inhabitants. And if the filter and the compressor is more or less clear, then what is the sterilizer in the aquarium, not everyone knows. Let’s deal with it.

The purpose of a UV sterilizer for aquarium

Ultraviolet lamp sterilizers are used in aquariums for the control of water pollution and stop the spread of microorganisms from one fish to another through the medium of their habitat, that is, through the water.

This device is used for disinfection of water in the tank from pathogenic microorganisms, fungi, bacteria and viruses that threaten the health of inhabitants. In addition, water sterilizer for aquarium need to control the growth of floating algae.

However, be aware that the sterilizer does not destroy organisms capable of infecting the fish under stones or algae. The decontamination process occurs as water passes through the filter with its subsequent supply to the sterilizer, where it is subjected to irradiation of UV lamp and re-enters the aquarium.

Sterilizer for saltwater aquarium

Particularly important and downright necessary filter-sterilizer for marine aquarium. It significantly reduces the likelihood of diseases of fish, eliminates the possibility of bacterial outbreaks and the so-called algal blooms.

Of course, the sterilizer can’t fight has already broken out disease or epidemic. Rather, it can serve as a preventive measure. It reduces the fouling of the walls of the aquarium, enhances the redox process.

Filter sterilizer cannot be enabled immediately after the startup of the biofilter, as well as in the period of introducing vitamin supplements and medicines. But in the moment, fostering in a new fish aquarium sterilizer should work definitely.


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