Seedlings of eggplant at home

Рассада баклажанов в домашних условиях

A dish of eggplant loved by many. There are various stews, and, of course, the famous eggplant caviar. But if you have your own plot, instead of buying eggplants in the supermarket they can grow on their own. And a very important part of this process is the growing of seedlings. Learn from the article, when and how to plant seedlings of eggplant at home.

Planting eggplant seedlings at home

A characteristic feature of this garden culture is the long period of its vegetation. In practice, this means that emergence and before flowering your eggplant will need more than 100 days. Therefore, to plant their seedlings experienced gardeners advise not later than mid-February.

As for seedbed preparation of eggplant seeds, it involves the following steps:

  • First, all seeds need to soak in a 5 percent salt solution and soaking for a few minutes. Seeds, risen to the surface, you want to remove – they are of poor quality.
  • Seeds left on the bottom, flush with clean water for 20-30 minutes and dip in potassium permanganate.
  • After that, soak the seeds in plain water for 10-12 hours.
  • Wrap them in wet cloth, placing in a warm place before they will start to arise.
  • In addition, before planting, you can organize tempering procedure during the day to keep the seeds in a warm room, and at night move them into the fridge. These activities will be relevant to seedlings, which later will be planted in the open ground. Tempered eggplants will be to better tolerate the cool night air and, in addition, will give an early harvest.

    For seed planting, the seedlings need a disinfected soil consisting of humus (1 part), light soil (2 parts), wood ash, or superphosphate (5 tbsp). To plant eggplant it is best in containers, because their tender roots difficult bear picks.

    Care of seedlings of eggplant at home

    After the first seeds sprouted and came up, the temperature in the room, first supported at +25°C, should gradually reduce to +15-16°C. the maintenance of this regime for eggplant stimulates the formation of a strong root system. With the growth of the seedlings, the temperature is gradually increased to former figures.

    Further care is regular watering seedlings, ventilation and a mandatory loosening of the upper soil layer. In addition, you will need to remove weak plants, leaving in the container only the best specimens.

    An important question is the supplementary lighting of seedlings. Since the sowing is done in February when the daylight hours are still too short, this measure is necessary. Usually the backlight fluorescent or led lamp operates around the clock, only from 18:00 to 6:00 Рассада баклажанов в домашних условияхthe next day the container pritenyayut plants: total seedlings required 12-hour day. This is true since the appearance of the second leaves of the eggplant and before the formation of the fourth.

    The seedlings of brinjal, which is grown at home, usually responds well to fertilizing. For more active growth give them chicken manure (1:15) or a solution of mullein (1:10). The first dressing under normal growth usually corresponds to a 2-week period of the seedlings, keeping a record of the appearance of the first shoots, and the second 5-week. In this case, use a superphosphate (12.5 g), ammonium nitrate (5 g) and potassium salt (3 g, respectively). To water the seedlings the fertilizer should be in the morning.


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