When to plant pepper seedlings?

Когда садить перец на рассаду?

Winter is still in full swing, the Windows frost cracking, but the experienced gardener knows that the time comes for growing seedlings. Because the harvest of many vegetable crops depends on how the plant is grown: sowing seeds directly into open ground or through seedling. If seeds are sown directly in the ground, especially in areas with cool summers, the crop can not wait, if the vegetables have time to Mature.

Many gardeners grow on their plots of sweet pepper. If you want to grow great crop of vegetables, you should know when is the best time to plant pepper seedlings.

What days to plant pepper seedlings?

Pepper can be grown in greenhouse or in open ground. If you have a heated greenhouse, then sow the pepper seedlings is recommended in January. However, the seedlings will be ready for planting in April. Practice shows that good seedlings can grow for 60-70 days. If the greenhouse has no heating, the period of sowing chilli seeds – it’s the middle of February – first days of March.

For cultivation in the open ground seeds should be sown even later. It should be remembered that to plant the seeds of pepper can be only in case when the temperature at the soil surface reaches 16-17°C, because the pepper is very heat-loving plant. Therefore, if you plan to plant the seedlings in may, we plant the seeds of pepper in the first decade of March.

But January-February is the winter months with short daylight hours. Which means that young seedlings of pepper would not be enough sunlight, and they will grow pale and elongated. It is very important at this time appeared to provide the plants the right lighting. If pepper seeds to sow a little later, they quickly catch up in its growth earlier sown seedlings, and may even escalate it.

Often gardeners wonder what kind of moon it is necessary to plant pepper seedlings. So, in the current 2016, in accordance with the lunar calendar, auspicious planting pepper seedlings is in these days:

  • in January it is 17 and 30 of the month;
  • in February 13, 14 and 15;
  • in March only 13 number;
  • in April, you can put 8 and 9;
  • in may planted seedlings grown in the greenhouse or even in open ground (depending on terrain) 11, 17 and 25.

Germinate pepper seeds long. To speed up this process, the seeds stimulate. With this purpose, seeds should be wrapped in a cloth and placed for 15 minutes in a thermos of hot water (about 50°C). Out of the thermos, the seeds in the same piece of cloth should be placed in the freezer for a day. After that, they should at once be sown. To stimulate early germination of pepper seeds is also possible for half an hour to soak in the solution tools such as «Zircon», «EPIN-extra», «silk», etc.

Often sow the seeds of the peppers immediately in separate cups at the rate of three seeds in each. Sowing depth is 3-4 cm Soil for planting seeds in the ideal consists of a mixture of sand, garden soil, humus and ash. The ground should be wet and slightly firm up, then shoots will appear without the seed coat. Seeds Когда садить перец на рассаду?are laid on the surface at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other and then sprinkled the dry earth, and then re-compacts the soil using a tablespoon.

The cups are placed in plastic bags and place in a warm place. If the temperature in the package will be around 28-30°With, then after about a week the first shoots appear. After that, packets with cups should be removed, and the temperature inside of seedlings of pepper, reduce to 22-22°C. With a lack of light for seedlings, you need to install additional lighting with fluorescent or led bulbs. Water the pepper seedlings should defend warm water.


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