How to plant Petunia seedlings?

Как посадить петунию на рассаду?

Petunia belongs to the plants which need to grow through seedlings. It is not very convenient, because not everyone can afford to allocate the space under the boxes with the seedlings, which also requires additional light.

However, the finished planting material today is not cheap, and great for creating beautiful beds of blooming petunias will have to spend. So many keen gardeners still choose self-cultivation of seedlings. This is, in General, a fairly simple process that is quite capable to master even for a beginner. Well, let’s see how to plant Petunia seedlings and care for her.

How to sow the seeds of Petunia seedlings?

The first step is to determine the time of sowing the Petunia seedlings. Its selection depends on climatic conditions of your region. Usually in the middle lane flower seedlings of this crop planted in mid-March, plus or minus two weeks, so that by the middle of June the seedlings matured and was ready for planting in the open ground. She takes about 12-13 weeks. If you live in a warm southern region, or want, to seedlings of petunias bloomed in the spring, and sow it before. This can be done since the end of January, but in this case definitely you need to arrange special lighting for your seedlings.

Consider that for successful seed germination petunias the room temperature where the seedlings must be at least +20…+25°C.

Important and composition of fertile soils in which planted seedlings. The best option would be nutritious and loose soil composed of humus, leaf or sod land, peat and sand. Petunia does not tolerate alkaline and strongly acidic soils, so in an excessively acidic substratum can add a little lime.

So, in order to plant a Petunia, you need to prepare the soil and fill it in the pot, pre-placing on the bottom of a layer of expanded clay. Do not forget to moisten the soil, then sprinkle on its surface seeds of Petunia. They should be sprayed with water from a spray bottle and lightly sprinkled with a layer of soil (1-2 mm). Then the pot should preferably be covered with glass, and you can wait for the appearance of the first sprouts!

While ensuring the proper conditions the seeds will they hatch within 5-10 days after planting. In the first week the seedlings need daily spray, and in water you can add a light pink solution of potassium permanganate.

An interesting method is the planting of Petunia with snow. It is necessary in order to more evenly distribute small seeds on the surface of the soil. In addition, after seeding the snow will gradually begin to melt, helping to keep moisture in the pot at the proper level. So, how to plant Petunia seedlings in the snow? Very simple:

  • Spread the soil mix in the pot so that it did not reach to the edge capacity 2-3 cm.
  • Pour it with a solution of one of the drugs-fungicide to prevent seedling diseases.
  • On top of the soil, pour a layer of snow about 1 cm thick.
  • Try the seeds as evenly as possible to distribute in the snow.
  • Pot cover with glass or paper.
  • Alternatively, you can sow Petunia seedlings in peat tablets or granules. This method will help to reduce the loss of seedlings, because seeds of the most interesting and new hybrids haveКак посадить петунию на рассаду? a relatively high cost. Pellets and seeds are also larger, which facilitates the planting process and provides an opportunity to germinate seeds in straight rows. Tablets are better to take with a diameter of 3-4 cm, not more. They should be soaked before full swelling, to put in each recess one seed, and then cover crops. Make sure that the tablet was always wet, and it would appear the germination, reduce the temperature of the contents to +18…+20°C to Fertilize petunias grown in this way are not required because the peat pill already contain the required amount of fertilizer.


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