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Трехтарифный счетчик

Electric meter today – not just the measuring device. This device can significantly help in the family budget.

For example, unlike a conventional meter, multi-tariff helps to reduce energy consumption, but only under certain conditions. First of all, setting such a counter would be appropriate in that case, if you use electricity mostly at night, when there are minimum rates.

In article we will consider createreply counter and learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

The pros and cons treating counter

The meaning of the installation of such a counter is reduced to the following scheme. The day is divided into three periods – the time zone. In the so-called peak area (usually periods of 7-10 a.m. and 20-23 PM) you pay the maximum rate, in half-zone (10-17, 21-23 hours) the fee will be slightly less, and at night (from 23 to 7 am) at discounted rates, approximately 4 times less.

The advantages trentanove counter take are:

  • the above diagram gives users the opportunity to pay less for electricity, if power-consuming devices will not be used in peak hours;
  • this counter helps you to save, and quite legally, in contrast to the use of different magnets and other deceptive schemes.

But there is this device and disadvantages:

  • not all easy to use appliances during the night;
  • the cost of electricity by createiframe the meter is changing rapidly upwards. After installing a new counter (which in itself will cost you dearly), there’s always a risk that the electricity supplier will review the tariffs, and special benefits not;
  • how clearly you will be able to follow the recommendations depends on the payback of the counter.

What counter more profitable – or two-tariff createreply?

A definite answer to this question is no. The fact that both types of counters are good, but only in different situations. So, with createiframe counters you save mainly on semi-areas and at night. Трехтарифный счетчикAnd if the «owls» and night-time businesses (e.g. bakeries) this is advantageous, for example, a typical early riser or families with children – not very.

As for two-tariff devices, calculation of energy efficiency in them is somewhat simpler, and the basic principles of the benefits are about the same, except that days are not divided into three time zones, two – day and night.

It should also be noted that the meaning of the installation of the multitariff counter to eat, only if your house (apartment) are devices that consume a lot of electricity (electric heating, air-conditioning system, powerful water pump, etc.).


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