Bowl for multicookings

Чаша для мультиварки

Modern women are offered a huge variety of kitchen helpers – mixer, food processors, meat grinders, etc. a Special place is occupied and the slow cooker is a great device that allows you to create gorgeous desserts, the first and second courses, and delicious porridge. However, there is a kitchen of this «device» is one vulnerable spot – a bowl. Unfortunately, over time it formed scratches and chips, and the quality of the cooking is reduced because food starts to stick. In this case it makes sense to look for a new accessory for the device. So, we will explain what they are and what is the bowl for multivarki better.

Kinds of bowls to slow cooker

Today on the market you can find 3 kinds of bowls to slow cooker:

  • without coating;
  • with ceramic coating;
  • with a Teflon coating.

Each type has advantages and unfortunately disadvantages. The most common form is the bowl with Teflon coating. Teflon refers to a special kind of hard plastic that makes the Cup non-stick properties. Food does not stick when cooking, this is especially valuable when baking pies and casseroles. Moreover, this product is easy to wash. There are drawbacks, and they are tangible. First, the service life of the Teflon short – no more than two to three years. As you use, even the most accurate, it is scratched, which means that the quality of the cooking is significantly reduced. In addition, at temperatures above 260 degrees, Teflon begins to emit harmful substances.

The commercially available and bowls are uncoated. They are often referred to as nice eco-cups. This accessory, made from aluminum or stainless steel, coated non-stick layer. The products when cooking, you can stir with the fork, false, not fearing to scratch the layer. There is a drawback: these lightweight cups can stick the food to the bottom and the walls.

In recent years, the popularity of ceramic bowls. It is more correct to say that the bowls are made not from ceramic and metal, covered with a layer of Sol-gel. Such products are distinguished by many advantages, namely:

  • excellent non-stick properties;
  • heat resistance;
  • environmental friendliness (i.e., toxic substances are not distinguished).

In addition, high-quality ceramics wear out not less than 2-3 years. Bowl with a ceramic coating of low-budget ready to serve not more than one year. In addition to «cons» removable bowl for multicookings with ceramic coating are:

  • fear of temperature fluctuations;
  • the instability of the alkaline environment;
  • price.

How to choose a bowl for multicookings?

The selection criterion of bowls should depend on your expectations. If your family love pastries, give preference to multicookings with a Teflon or ceramic coating. If you do not plan to please the family pies from a kitchen appliance, eco-friendly bowls will give you a low price.

An excellent option to buy model multivarki, which in the Cup mounted plastic handles for safety removing from the case. Purchasing the suitable cover for the bowl multivarki, you will be able to store the finished dish in the accessory in the fridge.

When buying replacement options pay attention to Чаша для мультиваркиthe compatibility of bowls multivarok. The best option is to find an original product from the manufacturer. But it so happens that they are not available or the price is too high. Native plants offer good analogues bowls for the most popular brands of multivarok.

However, you may encounter a small problem. The fact is that if, say, «native» ceramic bowl for multicookings «Redmond» is equipped for easy operation plastic handles that protect from hot surfaces, when buying analog, be prepared for the fact that a comfortable fit may not be.


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