Citric acid descaling the kettle

Лимонная кислота от накипи в чайнике

As you know, even purified water is a solution of various salts. After repeated boiling water, these components are deposited on the inside of the kettle, forming a so-called scale-free. Of course, it is legitimate to ask if the maker has formed the scale, what to do in order to get rid of it? In this article we will explain how you can use citric acid de-scaling the kettle.

Folk remedies scale in the kettle

There are many national and industrial facilities and methods, contributing with varying degrees of effectiveness of the descaling. The best known method, which was used by our grandmothers are to clean the kettle from scale citric acid: in a kettle filled with water, filled with 50-70 gr. acid, then the water is boiled. After cooling, water is drained, gaining new and repeat boiling process. The action of citric acid at the specified process of purification from scale is based on spallation reactions of all deposits in the kettle. In this way purify both electric and conventional kettles, but not metal, since under the action of acid, the metal becomes rough, and scale during use of the kettle will settle much faster.

You should take into account the fact that citric acid does not remove long-standing deposits. But what about in this case is, to boil the kettle to remove the old scale? And for such a running condition has folk remedy is boiling in the kettle of water with baking soda. To do this in the kettle of water poured around 90-100 grams. soda let the water boil, the kettle leave to cool and dump the water. The procedure was repeated in the same order again with soda and one with vinegar (about 1-2 tsp for the pot). After this boiling old alkaline layers (scale) soften, Лимонная кислота от накипи в чайникеbecome loose, fade literally layers and can be easily removed with regular dish sponge.

For those who belongs to folk remedies skeptically and with distrust, we can recommend special household chemicals for descaling kettles and other containers intended for boiling water – so-called descalers. The way of using them is absolutely not complicated – in completely filled with water the kettle is filled to a certain amount (see the instructions for use indicated on the packaging means) and brought to the boil, then the water is drained, and the kettle thoroughly washed under plenty of running water.


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