Educational toys for children from 4 years

Развивающие игрушки для детей от 4 летEducational toys and activities is extremely important for little boys and girls. During the game the child is training his logic and intelligence, learning to solve different tasks, to compare objects and find differences between them and more. Besides, while playing, the baby can «try on» the role and briefly introduce yourself to adults.

All this, of course, is very important for proper and comprehensive development of the crumbs, especially in the age of 4-5 years, because soon the kid will have a long period of schooling, during which acquired skills and knowledge can be applied in practice. In this article we will tell you which toys are suitable for children from 4 years, and what must be every child at this age.

Best baby toys for kids 4 years

Toys for representatives of different sexes aged 4 years and older have significant differences, so the son and daughter you will have to purchase various items. So, for girls from 4 years best suited the following toys:

  • doll that you can feed, dress, put to bed, and so on;
  • cubes with alphabet for learning to read;
  • dance platform or Mat;
  • needlework kits, age appropriate;
  • toy kitchen and tableware;
  • a set of doctor or hairdresser;
  • service and baby scales for playing in the store;
  • Развивающие игрушки для детей от 4 лет

  • puzzles from 16 and more details;
  • children’s synthesizer and other musical instruments.

In turn, for boy 4 years older than better to give preference to such developmental toys, such as:

  • magnetic, plastic and wooden kit;
  • machines and equipment are used on the radio;
  • railroad;
  • multilevel Parking is a auto racing;
  • table hockey or soccer;
  • sports corner;
  • a set of toy tools.


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