Gauze diapers

Марлевые подгузникиIn the days of our mothers and grandmothers had a wide variety of personal care products for newborn babies, so all parents, without exception, used gauze diapers. Today most young mothers trying to make your life easier by applying disposable diapers, which should immediately throw away after use.

Meanwhile, such a method of implementation of the daily care of the infant has a very significant drawback – the disposable diapers are quite expensive, and you need to change them very often, and not every family can afford such expenses. Besides, newborn babies are very delicate and sensitive skin, so these personal care products are often the cause of allergic reactions.

Every mother needs to decide for itself what is best — ordinary disposable diapers or reusable gauze diapers, because a definite answer to this question does not exist. Often women who care about the health of his child and want to significantly save money, prefer the traditional products that came to us from childhood. In this article we will tell you how to properly use gauze diapers, if you still decided to mention them.

How to make gauze diapers for newborns?

Often mothers are wondering where to buy gauze diapers for newborns. Despite the fact that this is today possible in most children’s products stores and some pharmacies, most women prefer to make such diapers with my own hands, because the products of industrial production are commonly not are of good quality and very poorly absorb infant bowel movements.

The more that you can do this is not difficult, because the tool of personal hygiene of babies is a gauze pad or any dense fabric in the form of a square or rectangle, stitched at the edges. Size gauze diapers for newborns depend on the age of the infant, as well as on how they intend to use. In particular, the length and width of gauze may be:

  • If the diaper goes «Hungarian» method, it needs to have a square shape and a size of 60 by 60 cm for the smallest and 90 cm x 90 cm – for children over 3 months.
  • If gauze diaper will shape the gusset, you need to take a piece of cloth or gauze in the form of a rectangle, the size of which will depend on the age of the infant: newborn crumbs – 60 to 120 cm, for a half — or two-month kid – 80 to 160 cm, and for toddler older than 3 months – 90 to 180 cm.
  • How to fold gauze diaper?

    As noted above, folded like a piece of cloth or gauze in various ways. Each of them sufficiently protects the baby from leakage, so the young mother may give preference to any method which seems to it easier and more convenient. In particular, to wear gauze diapers newborn baby in the following ways:

  • The «Hungarian» method of folding is clearly demonstrated in the following diagram:
    Марлевые подгузники

    Fold the fabric in half and rectangle in the same way reduce in 2 times, to make a square. Upper corner fold to the side to make the scarf. Turn the product and roll it in several layers of loose cloth. In the folded diaper, put the baby, behind the lower end of the gusset between his legs, and the edges will overlap each other on his tummy and firmly.

  • The method of «solitaire» shown in following descriptive instructions:
    Марлевые подгузники

    Fold the rectangle of gauze in half to make a square, then fold in half again diagonally. The diaper lay on top of baby so his waist was on the long side. Lower end products miss between the legs and tighten up the tummy, and the side ends fit each other and lock.

  • To remove these diapers, regardless of the method of donning, immediately after getting wet. Otherwise the delicate skin of the baby will be diaper rash. After using gauze diapers should be washed, and it can be done both manually and in a washing machine in the mode of «cotton» when the water temperature is 40-60 degrees, and then have to Ironing.


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