How to recover after childbirth?

Как восстановиться после родов?The waiting period for your child and the more severe the birth process, are the strongest stress to the body of the woman. In addition to the incredible joy of coming motherhood, the new mother is also experiencing many negative symptoms.

The duration of the recovery phase of the organism after birth depends on many factors. If this period is excessively delayed, the woman may fall into a severe depression and just won’t able to care for the baby. That this did not happen, every young mother should know how to recover after childbirth, as quickly as possible to bounce back and truly begin to fulfill their new responsibilities.

How long restores the body after childbirth?

Even in the last months of pregnancy the expectant mother may wonder, in how many days restores the body after childbirth. In fact, clearly answer this question not even the doctors. The length of this period affects a huge number of factors, including:

  • the woman’s age and the presence of her other minor children;
  • the psychological situation in the family;
  • overall health and presence of chronic diseases;
  • weight gain during pregnancy;
  • the nervous system and so on.

With the right approach a young mother can affect the duration of this period and to significantly reduce, however, this does not affect all functions of the female body. For example, the restoration of the menstrual cycle after childbirth in any case, it occurs quite long and hard, and this time we’ll just have to wait it out.

How to return to your old figure?

One of the most difficult tasks that face a young mom, is the restoration of weight after childbirth, because after 9 months of gestation her uterus is stretched significantly, and the appearance of the body changes significantly. Some women during the time of waiting for a baby gaining 20 to 40 extra pounds, which, of course, negatively affects their body shape.

The average recovery of the uterus after childbirth and the return of the stomach to «earlier» state takes about 5-6 weeks. Make it happen faster doctors recommend be applied to the lower abdomen ice to wear a bandage, often to lie on his stomach, as well as to breastfeeding.

If during pregnancy you gained too many extra pounds, to remove them you can with proper nutrition and light gymnastic exercises, and to do so is not difficult. The ideal way to lose weight for a young mother is swimming in the pool, but unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to briefly leave the crumbs and go for a swim.

Restoration of the vagina after childbirth

Restoration of the vagina is lengthy, however, significantly reduce it, you are unlikely. The volume of the body decreases gradually and after about 6-8 weeks it reaches its minimum, but to «earlier» values have not come back.

In addition, if during the birth was a trauma to the vagina, the duration of this period may increase significantly. In any case, the new parents will have to refrain from sexual relations during 1,5-2 months.

How to get rid of post partum depression?

Of course, most of the problems that arise after childbirth causes hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body. The level of hormones in the blood of a young mother could return to normal, you just need to relax and not to overwork, both mentallyКак восстановиться после родов? and physically.

Of course, caring for a newborn infant to do it can be very difficult, but still mommy don’t forget about yourself. If you have the opportunity at least briefly to leave the baby with someone close, be sure to use it for a while and take a break to get my thoughts in order.

The post-Natal period, during which the level of hormones comes back to normal, really quite difficult, but you just need to wait and go through this all women who recently became mothers.


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