The growth of the child in 6 months

Рост ребенка в 6 месяцевTo find out if developing a newborn infant, doctors every month along with its biometrics and, in particular, the growth. Of course, a deviation of this magnitude from normal values for age is not a violation, but in combination with other features may indicate certain problems in the body.

Moreover, even with normal development of the baby, parents it is useful to know, since this indicator primarily used to determine the size of children’s clothing. In this article we will tell you what is the normal growth of the child in 6 months, and within some units may vary.

How much is the average growth of the baby in 6 months?

The average growth of a boy in 6 months is about 66, girls – 65 centimeters. Of course, these figures are only average, and deviation from them is not a violation. If the length of the body half-year-old boys is in the range from 63 to 69 inches, this should not cause any concern nor his parents nor the doctors. For girls the norm is similar to any index in the range of 62.5 to 68.8 inches.

To get acquainted with the averaged growth of the child up to a year and, in particular, in 6 months you will assist in the following table:

Рост ребенка в 6 месяцев

It is obvious that a healthy baby needs every month to add to growth, so the doctors will evaluate not only the absolute value of this biometric measure, but its increase in comparison with the newborn period. So, normally at the time of execution crumbs 6 months, the length of its body must increase by an average of 15 centimeters.

It should be understood that premature babies who were born ahead of time, but do not have serious health problems during the first year of life hard to catch up with their peers. Usually by the end of the first half of the baby’s life, the values of its height and weight also fall into the range of normal values, but in this case their increase from the time of birth can be significantly above average.

In any case, if the growth of your son or daughter differs from normal values for children in 6 months, worry not, and immediately suspect he has a serious disease. Sometimes it is enough just to look at both parents to understand why the baby is different in growth from babies of a similar age, it is very important role in this matter is genetics.


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