Up to what year have extended the maternity capital?

До какого года продлили материнский капитал?The parent or family capital is the largest cash payment in Russia, the right to receive all young parents who had their second or subsequent offspring, since 2007. This measure of financial aid was developed by the government of the Russian Federation for improvement of the demographic situation in the state, and, on the basis of many analytical studies, it is very well coped with its task.

Initially issue the certificates in the order of the parent or family capital was assumed in the course of one full decade, until the end of 2016. That is why when approaching this year began to arise more and more questions regarding whether it would be renewed, and recipients of certificates will be able to dispose of the provided funds.

Meanwhile, in December 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the government’s decision about the future of this program. In this article we will tell you what changes were made to the legislation in force, and up to what year have extended the maternity capital.

Until what time extended maternity capital?

Back in the spring of 2015 in all media regularly met the allegation that the programme for issuing certificates, giving the right for implementation of the parent capital, have decided to extend for another 2 years. However, no official confirmation of such statements for a long time from the representatives of the Russian government were reported.

Meanwhile, the answer to the question of whether extended maternity capital until 2018, had a lot of young families who could not understand, not whether they will lose their right to this biggest payout if will slightly delay the birth of a second or subsequent child.
30.12.2015 year, finally, was adopted the law No. 433-FZ, according to which the parent capital is truly extended to 2018, while the calculation amount and the possibility of its implementation have not changed. This law allows you to obtain a certificate, not only the young parents, the child which was born in the period from 01.01.2007 to 31.12.2016 year, but those who have born the second and subsequent offspring in the next two years.

It is worth noting that all these changes relate solely to the right to receive the certificate. To spend money, which allows you to dispose of this document, at any time, because it is not in any way regulated by law. On the contrary, given the fact that some variants of use of family capital are realized only in the long term, there are no restrictions and time limits can not be here.

Of course, the adoption of law No. 433-FZ reassured the citizens of the Russian Federation for a short period of time. Very soon, young families will continue to wonder what will become of the parent capital after 2018. According to analysts, there are 3 options:

  • the program will be extended for several years on the same or similar conditions;
  • the program will be dramatically changed, for example, the right to receive a certificate receives only a large family, and the amount will be substantially increased;До какого года продлили материнский капитал?
  • finally, there is a very unfavorable option for the Russians is the final program completion 31.12.2018.

Of course, in this case will have serious social inequality, because those women who are second time mothers will be in early 2019, will be at a disadvantage, compared to mothers by the end of 2018. However, given the current state of Russia’s budget and the difficult economic situation in the world in General, it is latest version to date seems the most likely.


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