Diapers for the pool

Подгузники для бассейнаThe benefits of swimming in the pool for children of all ages is undeniable. If the baby from the first months of life receives regular water procedures, it becomes much stronger and more seasoned, but also calm and balanced. In addition, the swimming pool is extremely beneficial for the physical development of the crumbs.

Meanwhile, to bathe a toddler in a public place, the mother will need special diapers for the pool. In this article we will tell you how they differ from ordinary diapers, and what is their advantage.

What is the difference between nappies for swimming in the pool?

Of course, while swimming in a public pool is required to prevent unforeseen circumstances that can happen to any small child, since it’s not always in control of his excretory system. Meanwhile, ordinary diapers in this case will not fit, because when wet they instantly lose their functions and become completely worthless.

That is why pools have special waterproof diapers, which are characterized by the following properties:

  • not swell in water;
  • securely hold the feces inside;
  • sealed;
  • dense enough;
  • made of breathable material;
  • do not restrict movement of the crumbs;
  • extremely lightweight, thereby not pulling the baby down.

Diapers for swimming, as usual, have several varieties. Подгузники для бассейнаMost new mothers say that it is best to give preference to the disposable diapers for the pool in the form of panties because they have no fasteners, and therefore will not be able to zip myself down and then fly in the most unexpected moment. Meanwhile, to avoid such confusion, it is necessary to choose diapers of the right size.

Reusable diapers-swim trunks for the pool are also popular among parents because it allows them to save a considerable amount. It is worth noting that some pools do not use such personal care of babies, so before you purchase be sure to ask the employees about the existing rules.


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