Dermatitis in children – symptoms and treatment

Дерматит у ребенка – симптомы и лечениеThe skin of young children, especially newborn babies, extremely gentle, therefore they very often become inflamed and irritated as a result of the impact of various adverse factors. This skin reaction is called «dermatitis» and has several varieties, each of which is accompanied by certain signs, and requires an appropriate approach. In this article we will tell you what are the symptoms are different types of dermatitis in the child, and what treatment is effective for getting rid of this disease.

The symptoms and treatment of atopic dermatitis in children

This disease is atopic, or allergic, nature occurs in newborn babies very often, and because of the nature of this illness to cope with it can be extremely difficult. The main cause of the disease is a genetic predisposition of the baby to various allergic manifestations.

Atopic dermatitis is characterized by the appearance of reddened, irritated areas on tiny body and extremely dry skin. Most often these lesions occur on the face, neck, and also where there are skin folds at the elbow, behind the knees or in the groin.

Usually the affected area is very itchy, causing the child becomes restless and cannot sleep soundly. In severe cases, the modified surface can cause cracks and small blisters filled with a clear liquid.

First discovered the child’s symptoms of atopic dermatitis, you should start treatment immediately, and it should be done carefully under the strict control and supervision of a physician. If you ignore signs of the disease the situation may worsen, and the manifestations of atopic dermatitis will persist throughout later life of the baby.

For any treatment to be effective, it is necessary, first, to identify the allergen and completely eliminate all contact with him. In addition, commonly to relieve painful symptoms and alleviate the condition of the crumbs in the period of acute illness shall apply, antihistamines, and creams and ointments with corticosteroids. For care of delicate baby skin daily using emollients of different manufacturers.

The symptoms and treatment of contact dermatitis in children

Signs of contact, or diaper, dermatitis resulting from prolonged contact of baby’s delicate skin with clothing, diapers or feces. The most often characteristic of this disease red moist spot appear in the crotch area, buttocks or thighs, but can be detected in other places.

Дерматит у ребенка – симптомы и лечениеGet rid of the manifestations of this type of dermatitis can by organizing adequate care for the child and providing him with the necessary hygiene. In particular, you should change diapers, not waiting for their full wet, to put on a child’s loose-fitting clothes made of natural cotton and regularly wash away the crumbs.

To relieve inflammation and reduce itching, apply such cream «Bepanten», «La-KRI» or «Sudocrem». If for a long time in children are not symptoms of diaper dermatitis, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment and give necessary recommendations for the care of delicate skin.


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