Pork ham — recipe

Свиной окорок - рецепт

Presents recipes pork ham, not in haste, but the results will justify your time.

Recipe cooked smoked pork ham house


  • leg of pork – 1 piece.
  • salt – 200 g;
  • sugar – 20 g;
  • allspice – 5 PCs.;
  • wine red – 100 g;
  • garlic – 4 cloves;
  • cloves – 3 Bud;
  • the Bay leaf – 3 leaf;
  • pepper peas– 10 PCs.;
  • water – 2 liters.


All the spices, crushed garlic, salt and sugar pour the boiling water, then thoroughly stirred, the salt precipitate at the bottom should not be. And then, when the marinade has cooled, add the wine and pour this liquid ham. The brine should completely cover the pork. In this state the ham should rest for a week in a fairly cool place comparable to a fridge that every 2 days it needs to turn. After this preparation it should be hung to dry, which usually takes 7 to 10 hours. Thereupon, when the leg is dried out, tie it tightly with kitchen twine and cook at a very low boil. On average, the boiling takes 40 minutes per kilogram. By the end of the ham do not remove from hot water, it needs to cool completely with it, this is important. After which it will again have to hang and dry at least 3 hours. Now send a ham to the smokehouse for a day of cold Smoking.

Recipe roast pork leg in the oven


  • ham – 4 kg;
  • honey – ¼ Cup;
  • salt;
  • garlic – 5 Zubkov;
  • pepper;
  • lemon juice – ¼ Cup;
  • Chile ground;
  • dry mustard – ½ tsp;
  • coriander;
  • marjoram.


Wash and Pat dry the pork skin in any case do not remove. With a sharp knife make incisions all over the ham, as if to draw a chessboard, cutting only the skin without touching the meat. Mix all the ingredients except the garlic and ham of course, as a result having the sauce-marinade. Now slice the garlic for larding, and in some places, preferably where the skin is already cut, make a deep puncture, a long, narrow knife. The knife does not pull out, Ammonite garlic in the marinade and improvised means like skewers, push the garlic deep intoСвиной окорок - рецепт the blade of a knife. Garlic need to push deep, too high stuffed garlic can burn during baking and give an unpleasant odor and a greenish color to the meat. Then brush all over with sauce-marinade ham, and wait at least 12 hours until your work marinate. At a temperature of 180 degrees ham baked 1 hour to 1 pounds, of course in a pre-heated oven. To make this easier in the sleeve if in your opinion it is not sufficiently browned, 20 minutes before the finish line, carefully cut the sleeve, but not completely, leaking grease and juice. In doing so, beware and keep hands, first will come out very hot steam.


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