Pork ham — what to cook?

Свиной окорок - что приготовить?

We present you three versatile recipe for meat delicacy from pork ham.

Pork ham boiled-smoked at home

If you or your friends have a smoker, then the question of what to cook pork ham, should no longer be on the agenda in the kitchen.


  • leg of pork – 1 piece.
  • salt – 200 g;
  • sugar – 20 g;
  • allspice – 6 PCs.;
  • carnation – 2 Bud;
  • the Bay leaf – 3 leaf;
  • pepper peas– 5 PCs.;
  • water – 2 liters.


Boil the water and pour the ingredients, of course, in addition to the meat. Stir well at the bottom should not remain a residue of salt, it can harm the meat. The composition and quantity of spices indicated the medium statistically, you can add your favorite herbs or change the proportions of the above. Should remain unchanged, only the amount of salt and sugar to one of water. While the brine-marinade will cool down, start to prepare the pork. The ham a good wash in warm water, if necessary, use a sponge for washing dishes. Cold pour brine the ham so that the meat was completely covered, by the way, the dishes in which the ham will proclivities in any case should not be oxidized. So, in brine, in the refrigerator, the ham should take 7 days. Then rinse it and hang to dry, it will take 7-8 hours. When the meat is well dried out, you can send it to hot Smoking, which should last at least half an hour. Then put it in a sleeve for baking, well let the air out and tie tightly. In this form, simmer at least half an hour per kilogram of body weight. Then again, hang on skvoznyachok to dry.

How to zavalit pork ham at home?

I want to tell you that for the preparation of this dish is pork ham, you need patience, patience and again patience.


  • leg of pork – 7 kg;
  • salt – 8-12 kg;
  • black pepper – 2 tsp.;
  • bacon salt – 0.5 kg;
  • coriander powder – 1 tsp.


Pre-wash the ham from stains of soot after otmelivanie, to make it easier in warm water a solid part of the sponge for washing dishes. Then Pat dry and carefully, several times RUB pepper and salt on the skin, and especially the public portion of the meat. Then look no oxidizing bowl and sprinkle the bottom layer of salt. Lay the ham on the side and pour salt completely, so that it covers the entire foot. The duration of this procedure depends on the weight of the hams, on average, this day per kilogram. Tighten the bowl with cling film, and every 2 days (can be more) check the condition of the salt.Свиной окорок - что приготовить? Pour the drained fluid, and add salt, if it ceased to cover the entire ham. After wash already salted leg and hang to dry. RUB with spices, paying special attention to the open meat, then meat it is open you need to close the slices of bacon. And then wrap the ham in five layers of cheesecloth and tie tightly with string. It now remains to hang the ham in a well-ventilated, dark room with a temperature of 8-10 degrees and with a humidity of 60-70%, if the temperature over time will increase about 1 degree per week is ideal, but not above 15. And now, as I said, be patient and wait at least five months.

Leg of pork baked in foil in the oven or in a slow cooker


  • the portion of pork – 1.5 kg;
  • garlic – 4 cloves;
  • Basil;
  • coriander;
  • oregano;
  • pepper;
  • paprika;
  • vegetable oil – 20 g;
  • Sol.


Zrazy say that there are two options – to cook a ham in the skins or without. If you love deep fried skin, you should be scrupulous to consider the choice of meat. Skin must be young, thin, blonde and without rind. Do not hesitate when buying to pick up and a good look.Свиной окорок - что приготовить? Wash the meat well and Pat dry, if desired after a meat nashpiguyte garlic buttered. Now carefully RUB ham with salt and pepper on a dry. And the remaining salt and pepper, mix with spices and oil, then fully coat ham. Wrap well in two layers of foil, securing it so that when baking, the juices cannot escape. After waiting a couple of hours until the meat promarinuetsya, you can put it in the slow cooker for 1 hour on the mode «Pastries», not forgetting in the middle of the cooking flip it. Or send it in the oven with the temperature 180 degrees for 1.5 hours, and 20 minutes to finish, open the foil and add 20 degrees.


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