How to lose weight with the help of cling film?

Как похудеть с помощью пищевой пленки?

As you know, for getting rid of extra pounds you need to make adjustments in your diet and increase physical activity, but to enhance the effect, experts advise to resort to additional treatments – massage, salt baths and, in particular, wraps. By themselves they are overweight can’t handle, but consisting so to speak of complex therapy. How to lose weight with food film will be discussed in this article.

How can you lose weight using films for food?

Very simple. Enough to wrap her body in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs in some layers and start housework or light exercise. Too tight to turn around, though-you need blood circulating properly, and easy – to breathe. It is not recommended and too active to play sports, because it can cause weakness, nausea, temperature rise and overheating of the body. In addition, special requirements and the length of the procedure: it should not exceed 40-50 minutes, and all you can do it 2 times a week. Otherwise it may occur the above-described effects can join and irritation on the skin due to prolonged exposure to sweat.

Those who are interested, is it possible to lose weight through the food film and only her, should answer that the result will be minor and short-lived, because under its influence will lose only the moisture and replenishment of the weight will be back to previous levels. But it’s a great way for those who want to know how fast to lose weight with food wrap to any event – engagement, birthday, etc. To it is often used by girls, bought a beautiful dress, and the day before the celebration discovered that it was a little small. For long lasting result will have to combine this procedure with diet and exercise.


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