Exercises for triceps in the gym

Упражнения на трицепс в тренажерном зале

Keep your hands beautiful without the excess fat and sagging skin, you must do the exercises on your triceps in the gym. Hands can be trained separately or just add it to the main training exercises. To achieve good results, it is important to follow proper technique, and to do according to all the rules.

The most effective exercises for triceps

Very popular circuit training, which allows you to get the desired result within a short period of time. You must pick 5-6 exercises and repeating them 15-20 times in a few laps. Between laps you can take a break, but no more than 2 min you should Start with minimum load to the body is used and entered in the desired mode. Before moving on to exercises for the triceps in the gym, it is important to perform a warm-up that will prepare the muscles and tendons to the load, and then it will be possible to reduce the risk of injury.

Exercises for triceps in the gym:

  • French bench press. When performing this exercise, it is important to control every move. You can do it in a standing, sitting and lying down. We consider the latter option. SP – lie on the bench so that her head was on the edge. Take the dumbbells so that your palms are to each other, and hold them above his head. Task – complete flexion/extension of the hand, fixing the extreme points. It is important to move the dumbbells along the same path, not moving the elbows. Then go back to the SP, straighten your hands. It is recommended to hold in tension the core muscles and deep breathing will provide a load on the press.
  • Упражнения на трицепс в тренажерном зале

  • Bench press narrow grip. To perform this exercise on your triceps with a barbell, sit on the bench and support yourself with your feet against the floor, the body was in a stable position. Grif, take a narrow grip, so that the burden was on the triceps. Task – inhaling, slowly lower the barbell to the neck touched the body slightly below the chest level. Exhaling, you need to raise the bar on yourself, your arms should be fully straightened.
  • Упражнения на трицепс в тренажерном зале

  • Extension arms with a dumbbell. This exercise is done sitting on the bench, in which the backrest should be tilted of about 25-45 degrees. To diversify the load, it is recommended to regularly change the angle. Sit on a bench, tightly clutching my back and waist. It is important of the foot fully pressed to the floor. Take the dumbbell and lift it over his head in his outstretched hands. Task – complete flexion/extension of the arms, lowering the dumbbell behind your head. Exhale when raising the dumbbells and inhale when moving down. Lower the shell costs until you feel the stretching of the triceps.
  • Упражнения на трицепс в тренажерном зале

  • Dips. UN – clasping the handle bars, jump up and push the smooth hands in the crossbar. The body does not move freely, it is recommended to cross my legs, bending them at the knees. It is important not to lock your elbows, as this significantly increases the risk of injury. Another important point – don’t drag your shoulders and keep your head straight. Task – while breathing in, slowly lower yourself down by bending your elbows until upper arms reach parallel with the floor. By noting the position, on the exhale, return to the SP.
  • Упражнения на трицепс в тренажерном зале

  • Extension arms on the block for the triceps. The following exercise for the triceps is running in the simulator, and you can use different versions of the arms. Stand in front of the cable and grasp the handle forward or reverse grip. Pull yourself to the handle, bending your elbows and keeping them near the body. In this case, the body slightly tilt forward and arch your lower back. Task – unbend your hands down to the arm touched the thighs, and then, stop for a few seconds and go back to IE.
  • Упражнения на трицепс в тренажерном зале


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