Exercises for back muscles

Упражнения для мышц спины

Exercises for back for women is no less important than for men. The thing that pumped the muscles support the spine in the correct position, which is important for the formation of a beautiful posture. Also trained back muscles are important for proper performing other exercises, for example, for feet, and they make a figure proportional.

The complex of exercises for the back muscles in the gym

To train the back, you can separately, but you can with other body parts, for example, many athletes combine exercises on chest and back. If you want to get rid of accumulated fat, we should perform each exercise for 12-15 reps in 3 approaches. Beginners are recommended to start with minimum load, to master the technique and reduce the risk of injury. In that case, if you want to increase your muscle mass, then you need to do 3-5 approaches, performing 8-12 reps.

The most effective exercises for the back:

  • Deadlift. For this exercise you should use the barbell. Lean to spin has reached parallel with the floor and your knees are slightly bend. Take the rod and start raising slowly, and the first impulse is to make the hips and does not pull the shell by hand. Fully straighten your knees and pinch shoulder blades. Once the position is fixed, you can proceed to the movement of the bar down. First, you need to bend your knees, placing the buttocks back. It is important to keep your back in an upright position, avoiding deflection in the lower back. Another important point – the bar should move as close as possible to the shins and thighs.
  • Упражнения для мышц спины

  • Pull the head from the top of the block. To perform this exercises for your back on the exerciser need to sit down on the bench facing him and take a wide grip at the handle. Important point – the back must be straight. Feet should rest on the special platens, to lock the body in a fixed position. Slowly pull the arm to the back of the head or neck, and then return to the starting position, completely straighten your arms. It is important not to lower weight and to relax your hands, to save the load on the muscles.
  • Упражнения для мышц спины

  • Pull the horizontal block. The following exercise for back in gym also provides good load on the muscles of the arms. Sit on a bench, bending his knees and taking the handle of the simulator. Task – pull the handle towards your waist, placing your shoulders back and sending the chest forward. Returning to the original position, straighten your arms.
  • Упражнения для мышц спины

  • Hyperextension. This exercise in the gym is the best for the back, but it is important to do it correctly, because you can get injured. Settle into the simulator so that the emphasis fell on the hip. Of the foot get under the rollers to fix the situation. The body should form a straight line, it is not allowed to SAG and rounding the back. Hands cross your chest, and experienced athletes can take a pancake from the rod. It is not recommended to keep the hands behind the head, as this will create stress on the cervical spine. Task – perform a slow forward bend, and then back to the SP. Do everything slowly and smoothly. Great importance is proper breathing, falling down, it is necessary to do an exhalation, and when lifting, inhale.
  • Упражнения для мышц спины

  • Pull-UPS. Another well-known exercise for beautiful backs that you can perform different grip, in this case, consider a reverse grip, meaning your palms should be directed to him. The distance between the hands should be equal to the width of the shoulders. Feet is recommended to be crossed, preventing razbaltyvaniya body. Another important point – the thoracic part of the spine should be a little SAG. Task – climb up, trying to raise the chin above the bar and keeping the blades. Then return to the starting position.
  • Упражнения для мышц спины


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