What is the difference between chocolate from cocoa?

Chocolate is not only known to all the sweetness, but also a wonderful drink that many would not refuse to enjoy. And if we are talking about the beverage, then the question arises: what is the difference between chocolate from cocoa? Will try to find out.

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Hot chocolate – a drink prepared on the basis of the chocolate bar and contains some additional ingredients.

Hot chocolate

Cocoa – the drink, the main component of which is the same powder.

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So, from the definitions it is clear that the difference between chocolate from the cocoa, when they assume the quality of the drinks is the ingredients, which are taken as the basis for the preparation of both. To get a Cup of hot chocolate, you need to have the product produced from cocoa powder, the chocolate. And for the preparation of the cocoa drink you will need the powder.


Let’s dwell on the recipe. Thus, the total for both drinks is the presence of milk. In one case, it must be hot, able to melt solid chocolate pieces. To achieve a particularly pleasant taste in the resulting thick mass is put vanilla and cinnamon. After that you should sweeten the mixture and beat well. Would make an amazing hot chocolate.

The first stage of preparation of the second drink is a combination of dry cocoa with some sugar. Then this sweet powder is diluted with cold water. As such, the product is introduced into the boiling milk, after which all boil for about 10 minutes. Cocoa will be tasty and hot, and after complete cooling.

There is an easier way of cooking many favorite beverage. It involves falling asleep dry product directly into the cold milk. Then, stir the ingredients briefly, about three minutes, place a mug of half finished cocoa in the microwave. At the end of the warm-up will add in the prepared sugar drink.

What is the difference between chocolate and cocoa? She is that hot chocolate has a thick consistency, good not only as an independent food, but also as an ingredient of complementing various culinary products. For example, it makes an excellent chocolate layer cake or frosting to cover the cake surface. Unlike hot chocolate, cocoa powder is used exclusively as a drink.

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